Living Drug-Free in the Entertainment Capital of the World (Guest Post)

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Living free from drugs in a place like Los Angeles can prove to be very challenging especially if you have prior history to drug abuse. Famed as the world’s entertainment capital, one can really turn into drug abuse to stay upbeat, fit in, and awake for all the entertainment the place can offer. But all of us know that drug abuse never leads to better things, it will slowly consume and have control of our lives. And eventually, it will not just destroy our relationships with our co-workers, friends, and families but also our own lives.

If you want to live free from drugs, then you can definitely find some useful tips listed below;

  1.    Acknowledgment and Acceptance – First of all, you need to acknowledge and accept that you have a drug addiction and that you want to break free from it. By accepting your current situation and identifying the problem, it will be easier for you to find help for your treatment.
  2.    Stay away from triggers – these are the things or persons that trigger you to abuse drugs. They can be places, group of friends or toxic relationships that make you or motivates you to abuse drugs. It is best to severe or stay away from those kinds of relationships in order for you to be treated properly.
  3.    Register or Undergo for treatment programs – there are a lot of treatment facilities located in downtown Los Angeles that can help treat addiction. Visit them and undergo consultations to choose which treatment program best suits you.
  4.    Discipline is Key – Staying sober is far more difficult than getting sober. And that is why; strong discipline is needed in order for you to live drug-free especially in a place where various temptations are just around the corner. Establish a strong set of rules for you to adhere. Setting penalties is also a good idea in order for you to keep track of your progress in following your own set of rules.
  5.    Communicate with your family and loved ones – Blood is always thicker than water. Always find time to communicate with your loved ones to keep you inspired and motivated. Surround yourself with sources of inspiration and motivation. This will help make the process a lot easier and effective.
  6.    Engage in group sharing activities – there a lot of people that share the same problems and situations. Find them and share your experiences. Studies show that attending group sharing activities enhances the positivity of recovering drug addicts. It also develops a sense of companionship among the group, people that can relate to each other helps each other in treating themselves from addiction.
  7.    Engage in leisure and physical activities – always keep your body, spirit, and character in positive levels. Exercise to release the tension from your body. Have fun with your friends and families to improve your mood. Engage in religious or spiritual activities to enhance self-consciousness.
  8. Set your goals and do your best to achieve them – always keep your head on your goals. Always motivate and push yourself to achieving your goal – living drug free in the entertainment capital of the world.

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