“Words of Grace” a travel-sized coloring book devotional- review

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Words of Grace Adult Colouring Devotional Review

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”
My Thoughts-
I’m sorry for a huge gap in my blogging. On February 26th I lost my mentor, dear friend, Canadian Mum. My heart has been torn to pieces. I know that she’s now pain free, free from all her illnesses, and standing with Jesus. However the loss has left a hole. Even thinking has been hard. “Words of Grace” by Jacqui Grace and Dee Arrand came a few days before her passing and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It gave me a way to focus my thoughts back to God and His love. It helped me grieve.

Words of Grace Devotional Review“Words of Grace” is a 28 day devotional that incorporates coloring pages into the lessons. Each devo page starts with a Bible verse, then talks about how it applies to our lives abd how God works in our lives. The devotional also includes some supporting verses to the lesson of the day. The devotional is written on the left and then there is a coloring page to the right that fits the theme for the day. This isn’t your typical coloring page, but an adult coloring page. Each image has a lot of detail and allows you to make a beautiful image.

I used fine tipped markers meant for adult coloring pages and I didn’t find any bleed through. Some pages took longer than others to color. I found if I’d start coloring and come back to it throughout the day that I could get some of them done in a day and some took 2-3 days.

Words of Grace Colouring DevotionalMy favorite page was definitely was “Relying on Christ” day 4. It talked about relying on Christ for our salvation as well as our journey in life. The coloring page depicts a boat on wavy ocean. I found myself focusing on this page for a few days. Re-reading the message and adding more detail to my coloring. With the hardship I’ve recently been through this day was one I need to focus on. To rely of God’s grace, love and strength.

I love going through this book. I would love to find more like it. Something that helps me focus on God more by incorporating a devotional and a coloring page. I really found the coloring pages helped me focus on the lesson learned for a longer amount of time. My kids also loved this book. They wanted me to read the devotional and then loved watching me create “art they want hung on the wall”.

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“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”