3 of the best ways to burn fat for men in 2017 (Guest Post)

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These days keeping your body in tip top shape is a challenge to do. With all the fast food, chicken wings, pizza, and other junk food delicacies that are available at our fingertips, it is no wonder that the population is getting fatter by the minute. It can be very challenging to eat healthy when people are constantly on the go and need something quick on the go. Fast food restaurants often only offer food that are made of chemicals causing bodies to struggle in processing the unnatural calories. As we know, losing weight can be a huge uphill battle. We reviewed the top 10 best fat burners here and are excited to share some of the best ways we have found to burn fat in 2017.

    1. Cardio. Working out and being more active will help a great deal when trying to drop a few pounds. Whether you go to the gym for 30 minutes a few times a week or you set out and run around your neighborhood, doing any type of activity can help you burn excess calories. While it takes a lot of effort to infuse cardio into your daily routine, the rewards are well worth the commitment.
    2. Use the small plate method. Research shows that planning your meals out ahead of time will greatly aid in weight loss. Carefully thinking about the items that you need for your weekly meals will help you focus on what you are actually feeding your body. Some recommend writing down your daily food intake in a journal. Others recommend prepackaging meals and freezing them so that you do not have to think about what you will eat for dinner. Regardless of what you choose to do, consider using the small plate method. If you have a small plate for meals, you will naturally consume less. Drink lots of water with your meals and try to only consume what is necessary for your daily caloric intake.
    3. Download an app tracker. Let’s face it. The majority of the free-world population is addicted to smartphones and apps. It is nearly impossible to go anywhere these days without seeing people looking down at their phones constantly. Smartphones have made life convenient. From banking to socializing on social media channels, phones can do everything. If you are a smartphone user, consider downloading an app that will help you keep track of your weight loss journey.


While creating new habits can be a challenge and tough to stick with, you will soon find that the benefits of your new lifestyle well outweigh the rough few weeks you had getting into the swing of things. Remember that if you begin a new routine, it can take several weeks for your mind and body to feel like it is just that; a routine. Give yourself some credit for trying and if you fall off your healthy routine, do not feel guilty or ashamed. Remember you are ahead of where you were when you first started and you can continue to work towards your weight loss goals.