3 Reasons to buy an alkaline water machine (Guest Post)

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Today, alkaline water is taking everybody by storm. We hear everybody talking about alkaline water and its benefits to our heart and how they plan to get the latest alkaline water machine in their homes. If you are also curious as to how drinking alkaline water will be able to benefit not only your health but also your everyday lifestyle, then you will find this article extremely helpful, as we will list 3 reasons why you should get an alkaline water machine.

By having an alkaline water machine in your house, you will be able to convert your ordinary tap water into alkaline which will greatly improve your drinking water. With the machine, you will be able to save a lot of money from buying mineral water outside and also won’t need to pay attention to the space consumed by the gallons of mineral water. Aside from this, below are 3 very convincing reasons on why you start choosing an alkaline water machine and start drinking alkaline water.


1. Improve Hydration and Balance pH level

According to study, drinking alkaline water improves the hydration process. This is because, alkaline water contains more electrolytes, which is the main source of energy for our bodies than ordinary water thus energy is quickly replenished. Furthermore, alkaline water is richer in calcium and magnesium that also helps in improving the circulation and distribution of nutrients around your body.

Aside from hydration, alkaline water is also famous for keeping the acid balanced in your body. PH levels are rated from 1 – 10 with 1 being the lowest. A normal person must aim to have their pH level at 6 – 8 in order to perform at their peak conditions. According to study, normal people are very prone to acid reflux especially if their lifestyle involves lots of salt intake, alcohol, smoking and other food that puts a heavy burden on the kidney. And by drinking alkaline water which has a high pH level, the acid content in our bodies are balanced. In addition to that, it also helps improve the kidney’s condition and aids it in the filtering process.


2. Improves Skin and Detoxification

There are also studies which correlate alkaline water with anti-aging methods. There have been a significant number of people which credited the improvement of their skin cells and its general appearance to their consumption of alkaline water.

Alkaline water also helps in the detoxifying of your body of accumulated toxins. With the environment deteriorating day by the day, our bodies are very prone to new harmful toxins. And while we aren’t aware of them, by drinking alkaline water we are able to create a preliminary protection inside our bodies that will be able to at least ward off or fight the harmful substances that may be penetrating our bodies. Aside from that, alkaline water also helps in detoxifying the excess acid and other wastes from medicines and the normal aging process from our bodies.


3.Protection from Cancer

Until this day, there has been no known treatment for cancer. And while it is just a claim from some people, the attention and interest that alkaline water has gotten for possibly treating cancer is very significant that a lot of notable medical institutions have begun their studies on it. And until their proven, it is always better to have a sort of protection against cancer, and what would be better than alkaline water, which has been said to have treated some people from their seemingly incurable disease.