Annabelle: Creation in theaters August 11, 2017

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Annabelle: Creation which releases in theaters Friday, August 11
Disclaimer- I was provided compensation in exchange for me promoting this film. This is a movie I will be watching.
“Annabelle: Creation which releases in theaters next Friday, August 11 is a scary film. It’s meant to show us that evil is scary. But it is also a movie about God overcoming evil and the importance of prayer and faith in our lives. Beyond the spiritual and supernatural battle depicted within the movie – the film also explores grief and loss – and what might result from turning away from our faith instead of leaning on it when we are most vulnerable. It’s a cautionary tale that is fictitious, and yet, the catalyst that sets off the movie’s premise is heartbreaking. This isn’t your typical horror movie.

Annabelle: Creation

The movie raises two important topics that we as Christians don’t discuss much of these days – handling grief and talking to kids about the dangers of engaging with things that could leave them vulnerable to spiritual warfare. We know that evil is real, however we’ve stopped discussing some valuable lessons that ironically show-up in horror movies that can teach us what to stay away from (can you believe Ouiji boards are found in the stories and even groceries we frequent and they have become popular again during sleepovers and parties).”