My Thoughts on Canvas Champ 12 x 8 Canvas Print- review

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Canvas Champ Canvas Print review

I was given a free sample in exchange for my honest thoughts
Chris’ Thoughts-
I had the opportunity to order a personalized canvas print from Canvas Champ.Canvas Champ is the leading canvas, Metal & Framed prints retailer and distributor in Canada. For my review I ordered a 12 x 8 customized print. I used a photo editing program to design a special gift for our daughter in celebration of her baptism.

Ordering was quick and easy. They allowed for me to easily choose options, such as the wrap around image of our canvas print. Because I created a collage & added text it did take a couple times to make adjustments my edited image to make sure it would all fit properly with the wrap around image. It was nice that the online creation tool they have showed exactly how it would look when printed.

Wrap around printed canvas

Shipping was quick as well, it came in less than 2 weeks for us. The print came very well packed, preventing any damage from happening. It was fully wrapped in bubble wrap and plastic inside the box, then the box itself was well sealed to prevent any moisture from getting into the canvas.

The quality of the print on the canvas was good. It comes with a hardware already installed on the back, so it was super easy to hang on the wall in my daughters room.

proud of her new canvas hanging on the wall

We had her un-box it as well so she could enjoy the surprise of opening the package and seeing it for the first time. She didn’t know it was coming and as you can see she really liked it.


Thank you Canvas Champ for the opportunity to review this canvas! It made my daughter very happy!

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