My name is Erica Kloetstra, I’m 36 and a SAHM of two girls and one boy (Lee-April 2006 & Moo-June 2009 & Monkey- 2013). I currently live in Ontario, Canada (became a citizen in 2008) but grew up in Iowa (18 years) and lived in Chicago for 7 years. In Chicago I attended Moody Bible Institute, where I graduated in 2000 with a BA in video production. I love photography, giraffes, walking, working out and playing bass clarinet. While at MBI I was part of the band and I got to travel to 42 different US States and 12 Countries, let me tell you it has been quiet an experience and I feel blessed. I love writing on my blog. I started review blogging in March of 2010. I love my life.

About my kids-
Lee- She loves running, reading and especially dancing (her goal is to be in competition for dance with jazz, ballet and hip-hop). Her favorite animal is penguin and she loves the color green.

Moo- She loves to hang out with her sister. She loves to dance and want to be in competition when she’s older. She currently dances jazz and ballet. Her favorite animal is a lion & cats. Her favorite color is the rainbow, she picked this because she didn’t want to make any other color sad by not picking them as her favorite. She also has T1D and has a goal to grow up and be a doctor in outer space.

Monkey- He just turned one but we can already see he loves music and dancing. We think he could be a drummer someday, he has rhythm. He loves “talking” to animals.

Much Love.

(photo taken by my 4 year old in 2010)