What is bassgiraffe?

bassgiraffe (always together, always lowercase) started in 1999 when my brother hooked me up with email. Yes, I’ve only been using email for 11 years now. He asked what I wanted my user name to be and I told him I had no clue. He told me to think of my favorite things. I said, playing bass clarinet and giraffes. Then he said, there you go, put them together, but bassclarinetgiraffe was too long so we shortened it to bassgiraffe.

bass= bass clarinet, the instrument I’ve played since I was 10
giraffe= the animal I have loved since I was kindergarten, when the teacher said we will be coloring pictures of the animal that best represented us and since I was the tallest in class I picked giraffe.

So there you have it folks, bassgiraffe, all one word, all lowercase. Oh and NOT pronounced like bass as in the fish, bass as in bass clarinet. 😉