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This is a Canadian PR friendly blog(Product reviews). I enjoy learning and exploring new things and sharing my opinions with others. If you have a product you would like for me to review and/or do a giveaway, please contact me at

I have two girls, one age 11 and the other age 7. I also have a little boy who was born in August 2013.

bassgiraffe’s Thoughts’ mission is to share with you great fitness and health products to help encourage you in your weight-loss and fitness goals. I have a passion to change the world in it’s views of fitness and health, to know that ANYONE can do it. I lost over 70 lbs from December 2010 to December 2012 (I had a baby via c-section in 2013). I also want to share my “no excuses” philosophy, as I feel we let excuses get in the way of becoming truly healthy. bassgiraffe’s Thoughts also likes to share with you beauty and fashion products. I believe that if you can feel pampered you’re more likely to take care of yourself, I hope the products I share will help others feel beautiful on the inside and outside.(I also will review book/eBooks as I believe this fits into the mental health of all of us)

If you are interested in bassgiraffe’s Thoughts reviewing your item please use the “contact” page. This is a great way for you to get your product or name out to people through either a review or giveaway (giveaways without a review item will incur a $30 fee to cover my time promoting the giveaway/your company), providing links back to your website, facebook, twitter or any other social media accounts that you may have as well as helping to increase your followers and ultimately customers.
I promise to give my honest opinion about ALL products.

Thank you for visiting.

bassgiraffe’s Thoughts has appeared in the media several times. You can read more about it here.

SHIPPING info- sponsors are responsible for any boarder fees. I will not pay them. Thank you.

If you change your company name, product name, links to the products or wish for me to change something in my post and it’s been more then 6 months since the post I will need to ask you for a $5USD fee for my time to change things. This is only if the post is 6 months or older.

What YOU get! (updated Feb 11, 2015)
I find giveaways drive more traffic to your site then just reviews but I will host either for your company. Your choices are “just a review” or a “Review & Giveaway”.

Every review goes up within 2-3 weeks of receiving the product you send me, all products are nonreturnable(no matter what). I also make it a rule to not pay for shipping, I spend 4-6 hours on each product(testing, photographing, writing a review, promoting..) and do not make money off of my reviews. If you wish to have me host a giveaway the sponsor is responsible for shipping the winner the prize. I will give my honest opinion, I will not lie to make a company look better. I will contact you if I do not like the item before I post a review to give you the option of me posting it or not.
(SHIPPING info. If you’re shipping via UPS internationally you will be responsible to pay for the brokerage fees. I want to make sure you aware of the extra fee.)

If you sponsor just a review:
-A post on my facebook page as well as my twitter and google+ pages about the review
-Links back to your website, twitter, facebook…

If you sponsor a review and giveaway(sponsor is responsible for shipping prizes to winners):
-Tweet reminders through out the giveaway period. (@bassgiraffe)
-A post on my facebook page about the review on the day it’s posted.
-to enter the giveaway the reader must visit your site and answer a question I ask. (or what the company is looking for a boost with.)
–Links back to your website, twitter, facebook… (with additional entries to the giveaway by following you)
-giveaways without a review item will incur a $30 fee to cover my time promoting the giveaway/your company

BOOK & MOVIE Reviews-
Each book/movie review is different from regular reviews. If you wish to have a link back to your webpage please let me know when we are discussing working together. There will be tweets and facebook posts as well.
I now own a Kindle (no PDF files, they don’t work on my Kindle) and love to read eBooks.

((**These offers may change without notice**))
What Companies are saying:

Simone France Skin Care Products

“Simone France has loved working with Erica and her fantastic blog BassGiraffe! She went beyond our expectations by posting two reviews: one initial post and a follow post to let her readers see the progress she had made in using our skin care product. Erica was accommodating in insuring that we were satisfied with her work even asking if there were certain key words she could use in her post that would benefit our website. In addition to all of this, Erica is friendly, professional, and was incredibly responsive throughout the entire process. We’ve received traffic from her blog – the entire experience we’ve had with BassGiraffe has been a pleasant one that has benefited our company. Thanks Erica!”


“It has been a pleasure working with you as part of Nutrisystem’s blogger program. We are glad to know (from your posts and what you have told us) how much you have enjoyed the program, as well as enjoyed your new healthy lifestyle. All your posts/reviews were wonderful and we thank you for helping to spread the Nutrisystem word. If you ever need anything in the future, please reach out to us anytime.
Thank you again for everything.
Meredith Bandy”


“In Front of God and Everybody” by KD McCrite

“Thank you so much for the lovely review of my book. I cherish my readers, and hope I can provide more stories to make you think, smile, and laugh out loud!

K.D. McCrite”


“The Way Home” DVD starring Dean Cain-

“Thank you for your kind comments. I’m glad the intent of the movie came across. Christal and I have been blessed over and over again as we have shared the movie and our testimony with others. Isn’t it amazing how often we overlook the most precious gifts God has given us, like our relationship with Him, our spouse, and our children? I still catch myself from time to time focusing on the wrong things. Thank you again for helping us spread the message God is sharing through our testimony.

Randy and Christal Simpkins”

“Law of the Garbage Truck”
“Absolutely fantastic post! Glad you were able to take advantage of all our extra goodies on the media kit page.
Just because your review was that good, would you be interested in reviewing another book? And if you have any other blogging friends who’d be interested in reviewing “The Law”, please feel free to pass along my information or send them my way…especially if they are as good as you!

Thanks so much Erika!”

“Katie Up & Down the Hall”
“Erica, you’re very kind to write to me. I’m so glad the book touched you, & I hope you’ll share news of it with you dog loving friends! xo,Glenn”

Mabel Labels
“It has been a pleasure working with you. I hope you stay in touch and let me know if there is every anything you would like to work together on. I am here for all your labeling needs!

Thank you for all the work you have done to help promote Mabel’s Labels. I appreciate all the time you took to do so.

LemonPie Handmades
“Just saw the review you posted up! Your kids are so cute in those pictures! I love how Lee Lee whispers to Toothy! Thanks for posting our video up too by the way, really appreciate all the info you included.
Thank you so much,

Lawrence & Claudia”
“Thank you! Let me know about future giveaways, your followers are great!.” -Kristin, Polished mama
“This is great. Thanks for putting this together. Really appreciate the assistance in spreading the word about our company.”- Jody EcoMom
“Don’t change a thing! LOVE IT!
I’m in love with your review Erica. WOW! So friendly, informative, and personal. 🙂
Thank you SO much. I will share it with all my followers & tell them about the giveaway. Love your use of all the pics your daughter is adorable!!!
I’m very appreciative of what you wrote and will look forward to sending ‘our’ winner their prize.
Many heartfelt thanks Erica”-
Sincerely yours,
Kelly Lester, Mom & CEO

Freckles Crafts
“Erica, your review and video has made my entire day! What a sweet little girl you have. It was great to see the video of how she put the craft together. Every time I ship a craft I wonder about the child who is going to receive it. That was such a treat to be able to see how much she enjoyed it. Thank so much for taking the time to review our products. “- Rebecca
“What a lovely review! Thank you so much. And how cute is your daughter – that is why I do what I do – to see big smiles on those little faces.
All the links and business info look great and thanks so much for your kind words and the exposure. It will be fun to see who “wins” and which critter they choose.”– Cindi freckles & friends

Balloonatiks DVD
Thank you so much for reviewing the Balloonatiks DVD and forwarding your link. Needless to say, we’re delighted that your daughter enjoyed it and that it met with your approval, too! On behalf of everyone at Animagic Entertainment, we’re very grateful for your coverage.
Thanks again for everything! I look forward to receiving the name and address of your winner…