Pay it Forward

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Recently I came across some truly kind people, strangers. There have been many in my life but these two recently have me touched.
The first is from a company called “Mommy Necklaces” . As many of you read, Maggie got hurt last week. One thing about this is I had been saving up my money to buy a “Mommy Necklace” so that Maggie wouldn’t scratch me or pinch me, etc… But because I hurt her and had to get medicine for her it kind of set me back. I shared her story to the people on Mommy Necklaces Facebook fan page. Some kind person read my story and has offered to send me one for free!! I couldn’t believe it, those necklaces cost $30!! Once it comes I’ll post my review and photos of the product. But the kindness has already made me a “fan”.
The second kindness comes from “Cute as A Bug Boutique” . This is a “pay it forward, pay it back” kind of thing. I was receiving messages from this company on Twitter but they were not so nice ones. I had a feeling that they had been hacked and decided to contact the company. The lady was shocked and worked quickly to fix the problem. You see there were many messages that went out under their name that were bad. I was just glad to help them out. No one wants that happening to them and I know if it was happening to me I’d want someone to let me know. Well the next day I get an email with a $20 gift code to buy stuff on their site as a thank you. On top of that February is free shipping, so we bought 2 dresses for our girls. Again, once my items come I will post a review and some photos.

So, now that this goodness has come my way I want to find ways to “pay it forward”. I know the joy it brings and hope I can make someone else’s week a bit better.

THANK YOU to the people at Mommy Necklaces(fan) and Cute as a Bug Boutique!!!!!! I feel truly loved. <3