This is what HE means to me.

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I am a sinner. I deserve to go to Hell when I die. BUT God sent us His ONLY Son to be like us, yet live without sin. In the end He was mocked, beaten and crucified for ME!!(for the world). He did this because He loved me, really, me? Yes, I matter to Him and so do each and every single one of you.

After His death He was buried and 3 days later rose from the tomb so that we can have eternal life in Heaven.

All we have to do is believe in Him and that He died and rose again for our sins and confess our sins and then we will go to Heaven. You only have to do this once and the scriptures says that your sins are forgive past/present/future.

I have believed this since Feb 1989 and I still get goosebumps everything I think of this powerful love I have been given. thank you God for giving me Your Son and thank you Jesus for being willing to die for pathetic me.
These two songs always get me crying. (warning there is a lot of blood in them, it’s part of what Jesus had to go through in order for us to be Free)