RevAbs Week #1

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I just finished week #1 for RevAbs by Brett Hoebel & BeachBody. Boy am I very very sore. But I feel good and energized. Just a warning this post will be a bit longer then others only because I will talk about the 4 different workouts I went through.

This first little part was written after day #1, just to give you my first impressions with RevAbs, it’s 14 day Jump Start Meal Plan and Shakeology.

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I started my day off with a very yummy and filling breakfast.

“Veggie Omelet” with 3 slices of turkey bacon and 3 slices of tomato.

Then a few hours later it was time for a snack-

10 almonds

Next was time for lunch-

A shake with Shakeology. VERY VERY Yummy and filling. I felt great after drinking it.

Now it was time to workout. “Total Strength”(45 min) & “Mercy Abs”(15 min). I was sweating and sore after doing these both. And Brett says, “Why do we call it ‘Mercy Abs’? it’s because you’ll be begging for MERCY before you’re done.” SO true. I was yelling at Brett/The TV, to stop, lol. I’m hoping and I know after a week or so everything will get a bit easier. My coordination stinks and my strength is awful. But I never gave up.
I love that Brett has 3 people working out with him and one of them are doing a modification for those of us that aren’t ready for the actual moves yet. He’s encouraging through out the whole workout and gets you pumped. Oh and you know how a lot of workout videos and trainers aren’t really working out with us and not even breaking a sweat? Well Brett is right in there with us and is sweating just as much as the rest of us. I love that he’s showing that he is committed to us.

After working out was another snack-

Romaine lettuce with a hard boiled egg.

And finally dinner-

“Country Dijon Pork Chops’ with green beans and a tomato & onion salad.
This was also very yummy and filling. I loved how much food I got to eat and how colorful it all was. My plate looked so pretty. I also made sure I drank plenty of water throughout the day.
Day #2 I dreaded(“Fire Up Your Abs”). I was sore from head to toe, very literally. But once I started working out my muscles loosened up and it didn’t hurt as bad. I even went into the “RevZone” with Brett at the very end, which made me feel proud of myself. I didn’t give up.
I also loved something he said on the video- “Don’t think about the end point. Enjoy the process, that is part of it, that’s what it’s all about.” It’s true, I need to remember that right now is where I am at and each day will get better and better. I can’t think, “this is impossible, I’ll never get to the point where they are all at”. I really just need to enjoy each day and congratulate myself for getting up, eating healthy and working out.

Day #3 (Power Intervals)- I LOVE intervals. I know, I’m weird. But when I was a member of a gym I had a personal trainer and she would have me do them and I loved the power they gave me on my body. Brett and RevAbs gives me that same power feeling. YES, I feel like I will die but I also know it’s only 30 sec – 1 min and then a small break. And wilh all blood flowing my muscles don’t hurt as bad as they do when I’m sitting, relaxing.

Day #4– Day #4 is a repeat of day number one. I was dreading it more then anything. On Monday I felt like it was an hour of Hell. But really, even though I was more sore I was able to do more of the exercises and that encouraged me.
During “Mercy Abs” on Monday I was so focused on actually being able to do the workout I wasn’t paying attention to all the little things Brett was saying but this day he said something that really helped me get through it all, “It’s only 5 minutes, you can do anything in 5 minutes”. THANK YOU!! The power of positive thinking.

ERICA’S Stats-
I weighed in at 198.2lbs today. For a loss this week of -4.6lbs and a total of 4.6lbs

–I want to say to you all that this week was tough for me. I am tired, sore and craving a lot of the unhealthy foods I love. But after see my hard work pay off I really don’t want to give up. I have not been under 200 lbs since May of 2005. This feels good.
(and for those of you that have been following me since Christmas 2010 my total weight loss is 43.8lbs)

CHRIS’ Stats-
Chris weighed in at 208.6lbs today. For a loss this week of -5.0lbs and a total of 5.0lbs

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Erica’s Starting weight- (May 15th) 202.8lbs
Chris’ Starting weight- (May 15th) 213.6lbs
*Disclosure of Material Connection: I received RevAbs mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.