ZoneFast Weight Loss Program- week #1

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ZoneFast Weight Loss Program
“Contrary to popular belief, weight gain is not simply due to the lack of willpower. It is controlled by genetics and a wide variety of hormonal control mechanisms in the blood, brain and gut that are not easily modified by simply eating less, having willpower and exercising.
Weight loss has never been easier. Eat the foods you love and not feel hungry. That’s our Zone “no-hunger” promise! Each ZoneFast™ Weight-Loss Package contains a variety of popular breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, our Zone Meal Planner and great-tasting Zone Recipes to help assure your weight loss success.
Imagine adding your favorite cream cheese to one of our bagels, or adding any variety of Mediterranean vegetables and tossing them with our pasta! The ZoneFast Program gives you the flexibility to create delicious meals that fit your tastes and lifestyle.”

My Thoughts-
I feel very let down with with Zonefast Program. I’ve been doing very well at losing weight, keeping it off and felling satisfied after I eat. This program says that it is a “no-hunger” meal plan. All I was, was hungry. So much so I would either eat an extra carb or protein everyday just to feel hungry and to have the energy to get me through the day. I have a hard time navigating their website to get any tips on what to do and their phone consultant hours are only 9-5 during the week which doesn’t make it easy for me to call in. I will be trying this next week to call and find out what to do because I don’t want another week of gain after all the hard work I’ve done these past few months. I feel sad at the weight gain I had this week. And I feel lost with this program.
The calendar they sent for the meal plan didn’t even match up with the food they sent me so I was left to guess what I was to eat. I do however want to say the food was VERY GOOD and the recipes were easy to prepare. I loved every meal I got to eat.
With all that being said, not every meal plan will work for every person. It’s looking like this one isn’t working for me. But I still encourage you all to try it out. If not this program look for one that does work for you.
I hate writing so negative about this, but I want to be honest with my experience. I always say, my experience may differ from yours. I’ve read a lot of success stories with the Zonefast Program and seen a lot of people’s lives changed.
Here are photos of my first day of food prepared. Don’t they all look yummy?

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My Stats(start date Sept 9, 2011- 179.5lbs)

Weight- 182.5lbs for a gain of +3

For those of you who have been following me since Christmas last year here is my totally weight loss so far- 63lbs(starting weight on Dec 13th, 2010- 245.5lbs)
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