Flirty Girl Fitness Live- 1 week update

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What Is Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE?
“Flirty Girl Fitness revolutionized women’s fitness by creating the “un-gym,” a studio where clients feel fabulous trying fun, new workouts! Flirty Girl Fitness Live allows our members, as well as women all over the world, to take part in their favorite Flirty Girl Classes LIVE.
We stream 3-4 classes a day from the Toronto studio, giving you many daily options to spice up your fitness routine! These classes are uncut and unedited so you don’t miss a moment with your favorite instructors.”

My Thoughts-
Any day they had 30 Min Express Abs, I was all over it. I love getting my abs into shape. On Friday, Jan 20th, I had Eneli as an instructor. I was in a lot more pain this time as I was sore from doing abs on Wednesday. Yikes! I do want to say her counting was easier to follow, so it made the class seem to fly by. On Monday, Jan 23rd, I had Tara as my instructor. My body is feeling stronger so doing this class, although it hurt was much easier then a few days ago. I also loved how structured Tara’s class was, you knew what was coming next and for how long, my favorite ab class so far.(a note to everyone, be sure you have a good workout mat and that you use it. I failed to use mine with Tara’s class and I have rug-burns on both arms now, I learned the hard way of what NOT to do, lol)

On Saturday, Jan 21st- Video Vixen with Alix
“Ever wish you could be a sexy dancer like Beyonce, Madonna or the Pussycat Dolls? Well now you can! We’re recreating all of their videos in class so you can learn the exact same routines. Each class will teach you a new sexy dance routine to a popular music video. All exercise should be this fun. Plus you’ll wanna showcase these new moves in the clubs!”

-WOW, I was hot and tired from that workout and I had fun doing it. The instructor had some problems with her mic but that sometimes happens when you do live video and are moving so fast your mic comes undone. She was very supportive and helped us through each move, we went over and over everything making sure we got it all. We’d then do the dance at a slow speed then do it at full speed. LOVED this class.

-On Sunday I planned on doing the “Booty Beat” class but it was canceled, pretty sad about that. But it was nice to take a day off.

Monday, Jan 23(did class on Tuesday the 24th)- ashtanga yoga with Karey-
-A lot tougher then Stretch yoga, you need to be more flexible with this class. However if you allow yourself to be ok with mistakes and not being perfect I’m sure after taking this class for a few weeks you’ll be able to do these moves with more confidence. I really loved this class and how strong it made me feel on the inside.
This was my last workout for my week long trial of Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE. I’m sad to see it end but happy to end it with this class.

I love this past week. My only suggestion would be to put an estimate time of how long each class will be. It was hard to schedule workouts not knowing if it was 30 min, 45 min or an hour. But other then that I LOVE Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE and will hopefully join on a monthly basis after I finish reviewing a new workout program I’m starting soon. This is one program I LOVE and I looked forward to working out with them every day. I know after awhile I’ll get to know the instructors more and more and love everything more and more because of that too.

I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY suggest you checking them out. With Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE you have no excuse to not workout. They offer a great price for amazing fitness classes, a variety of classes and give you flexibility for times to workout. You can’t go wrong!

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