Stop-it! (The Driveway Net) review

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My Thoughts-
When it came to my kids playing in the driveway, whether it be coloring with chalk or playing with balls, I was always worried about them running into the road (when I’d turn my head for a second), their toy going into the street and they chase after it or a car coming into our driveway and not seeing our kids. We used bright orange cones to help as much as they could. We’d tell the girls they couldn’t pass them and we also hoped drivers would see the cones and not turn in our driveway. The problem was it was too easy for the kids to just run right past them and toys still would roll through them, and when there was wind the cones would slide across the driveway. My solution didn’t work well and I needed something better, safer.

When I found a company named Stop-it! I couldn’t wait to try them out. It’s a retractable driveway net. The net came in a nice handy carrying case for easy storage and for when visiting other homes. The directions were simple to follow. My one suggestion to everyone is to pre-drill holes in the ground before trying to install. Our ground was too hard to push the net pegs in. Once the holes were drilled it was much easier to install. I want to note that our driveway is a bit higher than the ground so our net went up a bit crooked, but it worked perfectly fine for us.

Once the net was set up on our driveway we put our kids to the test. They had a ton of fun rolling different balls down the driveway and seeing if they would stay. Plus they spent the rest of the afternoon coloring on the ground. The net does not replace parent supervision but it did help me not worry so much. I knew if I looked away for a few seconds I didn’t have to worry as much about one of the kids running down the driveway right away. I still kept a close eye on them, as should all parents. I also love that the net has a bright red top and bottom, this will hopefully help cars see it and keep them from hitting my children when using my driveway to turn around or to come visit.

The net was easy to roll up and take down too. Overall we are really impressed with the Stop-it! driveway net. I know I will be recommending this to all my friends and family. It’s an amazing invention, I love it, my kids love it and I know we will be using it all Summer.

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