Cardio Core and More Fitness Hoop from Empower- review

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My Thoughts-
I was very excited to work with Empower to review their Cardio Core and More Fitness Hoop. I’m always looking for fun and new ideas to help stay fit. The hoop comes in 8 sections that can be put together in 3 different ways. You can alternate between the pink and orange for an easy level or you can do 2 of each alternating for a moderate level or you can do one color on one side and the other on the other side for the hardest level. The hoop weighs a total of 3lbs and also comes with a workout dvd and a small poster with “on the go” workouts you can do.

The first thing I loved about the Fitness Hoop can be easily stored by taking it apart. I do wish is came with a carrying bag but I just use a canvas grocery bag to put it in and that works great. I also love that there are different level you can do with the hoop. Once the easy level becomes easy for you, you can switch it up to be harder. You will be able to use this hoop for a very long time.
The Cardio Core and More Fitness Hoop comes with a DVD with 68 minutes of workouts(including a 11 minute bonus section). there is a 10 minute warm up and three different workouts, then a 5 minute cool down. What is great is you can pick to do the entire 68 minutes or because the workouts are split up you can do the combo of workouts you wish to do. After the workout the video will tell you an estimated calories burned, which is so cool to have and not have to figure out yourself.
The hoop is padded but the first few times you use it you will feel some tenderness on your hips from using the weighted hoop (the great thing is the hoop is well padded to help make it less uncomfortable then other fitness hoops). After awhile that will go away, you just have to work through it. The beginning was easy for me but once I got into the cardio workouts I started to sweat and it felt good. I really enjoyed my workout and the instructor was very encouraging throughout.

Here are a few photos of some of the different moves from the video
From left to right, top to bottom.
1- standard hula hooping
2- squats
3- steering wheel
4- flipping hands
5- corkscrew

I love this Fitness Hoop from Empower and would very much recommend you checking them out. They have a lot of fitness products for women. The company was created by a women, mom, wife… She knows what we need and is all about Empowering women to be fit.

Video using the hoop

FIND it-
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