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I wasn’t going to write this post. I thought the issues we had with UPS was resolved a month ago. But things are still causing me a headache and stress with them.
Before I share my story I was to ask you to NEVER ship to me via UPS. If you ship internationally YOU will be responsible for the brokerage fees. I will not be answering the door if UPS shows up, so if a signature is needed there will be a delay in me getting your package. I do not like UPS, I do not like seeing there name, I do not want to see the guy who delivers to my area.
I also want to point out that if you google search “brokerage fees UPS Canada”, you will see many more with similar stories as mine.

My Story-
Back in May I was looking for companies to donate to the swag bags at my 5K event. Most of you know this event was to not only celebrate my accomplishments of running a 5K for the first time ever, but it was also to encourage others to become healthy and to raise money for a local charity. I had many amazing companies work with me. One of the companies sent me a package via UPS.
The day the package came I was told I needed to pay $52.15 to pay for the customs tax and brokerage fees. I was in shock! The package was only worth $120 and the person who sent it already paid $30 to ship it. So WHY in the world between the two of us paying UPS $82.15 for a package worth $120 (P.S. it was marked as a gift, because it was)? I refused to pay. The guy delivering it told me that ALL delivery companies charge brokerage fees. I informed him that some do but NEVER that outrageous of amount. I told him it was a gift for my event. He told me that they did give me a gift allowance but I went over their set amount. He got pissy with me after I yelled at him and left.
I then tweeted my disgust with UPS. The UPS customer service people tweeted back asking me to email them with my issue. I told them I know nothing will be done to fix this issue. But here is my info, here is my story (I included what the package was for). They told me someone would be calling me to talk about it. I wasn’t home when the call came in, but my husband took the call. He explained to them what the package was for, he voiced his disgust. What did they do? “Sorry, there is nothing we can do.”
When I got home he told me about it. I tweeted again my anger and emailed the customer service people telling them that I knew they could do nothing and that the $50 will have to come out of the fundraising efforts. I also told them I would be making a blog post and will continue to tweet about it until everyone I know stops using USP.
The next day I got a call from UPS. They agreed to wave the brokerage fees but I would still need to pay the tax. I said that was fine and I was very thankful. The lady on the phone told me to have $7.80 ready when the UPS guy showed up today. I asked her why the brokerage fees are so ridiculously high when all other companies do not do that. She said, “We’re a small company and it costs a lot of money for us to run the brokerage side of it.” Totally made me laugh, but I just said, ok.
I got out our change jar and counted out $7.80. A few hours the guy showed up. I went to hand him the money and he refused to take it, they only take credit card or check. I informed him that I do not have access to a credit card or checkbook, my husband is in charge of that and he is at work. I also told him the lady told me to have $7.80 ready, nothing about no cash. He refused the money and I threw it on the ground. I was fed up with UPS. He then said “That was nice” in a very sarcastic tone. I told him that I was sick of him and UPS, that he worked for a stupid company and that I would be tweeting about UPS telling the 2500+ followers not to use them, and that I would continue to tweet until everyone knew my story. He then started laughing, hard! And said “You can’t do anything to us mam, we’re a big company and there is nothing you can do to hurt us.” Which then had me laughing because the lady on the phone told me they were a small company.
(So UPS which are you? A small company that can’t afford a brokerage firm or a large company that can treat their customers like crap? Just wondering.)
I ended up calling my husband and he gave the UPS guy our credit card info.

I thought this was the end of the story until today. I got a letter in the mail from UPS informing me that I still owed them the $7.80! NO WAY!! I gave the guy our credit card info, I know it works so what is the issue? I called the customer service number on the invoice. She told me the credit card was declined. I knew it couldn’t be and she asked me what kind of credit card it was. I told her a paypal credit card. She told me that sometimes their system wont accept those type of credit card. (I became irritated, I just wanted to be done with this company) She told me I could send a check in the mail. I informed her that I was not going to waste my gas to drive to the post office and I was not going to pay for a stamp. She told me if I didn’t pay it they would have to file a claim against me. I said, great go ahead waste $100’s-$1000’s of dollars for $7.80. I did call my husband and he gave me a different credit card to use (it’s a new one we got a week ago and we KNOW it works). The lady put the info in and she told me that one was declined too. Which was impossible. My husband told me to ask if he could pay online. She informed me they do not take payments online. (what big company doesn’t accept payment online in this day and age?!!!)
I told her I wasn’t going to pay if their system wasn’t going to work properly. I also was a bit mean today and said that she was stupid for working for a stupid company and I told her the back story to this anger. I hung up on her. My husband will be dealing with it later.

But the only way to get this frustration out was to share my story here, with my readers and to make sure everyone I know is aware to NOT use UPS if at all possible.
I really do HATE UPS. I HATE the guy who delivers, he was nothing but rude from the day I met him (And after this I did answer the door for a different package from him and he continued to be rude. Even when I said a friendly hello, great employees you have there UPS). I hate their outrageous brokerage fees they charge. (almost over 50% of the actual cost of the item, can we say scam?) I hate customer service for jerking me around for far too long. I just about hate everything about them.

I apologize to my readers for such a negative post. Most of you know I do not focus on the negative here. But I felt something needed to be said. Thank you for listening.
P.S. I know there are a lot of spelling a grammar issues in this post, I don’t feel like taking the time to proof read it.
P.P.S. I will admit I have been rude to them after the first initiated contact, but giving how stupid it all has became I feel as a customer I have a right to be mad and we all show our anger in different ways.