I was interviewed by The Globe & Mail

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Yesterday (June 27th) I was emailed by a writer of The Globe and Mail, asking if I’d be willing to talk to her about my thoughts on the Maplelea Doll that I gave to my daughter for Christmas(and reviewed here on my blog). I agreed and we had a pleasant phone chat. She even talked to my 6 year old daughter, it was hard for my daughter to answer some of the questions and she was scared, so nothing of what she said made it in the article but I’m proud she tried.

The article talked about whether the dolls perpetuate Canadian stereo-types. I totally believe they don’t and that I love having a doll for our Canadian girls.
So, I will leave with saying, it’s pretty cool to get to be part of this big newspaper, Thank you Globe and Mail and Amanda Kwan for the opportunity.

You can read the article here- Do these dolls perpetuate Canadian stereotypes?