“Unlikely Friendships for Kids” book set review & giveaway

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My Thoughts-
I was given three books in the “Unlikely Friendships for Kids” book sets. “The Monkey & the Dove”, “The Dog & The Piglet” and “The Leopard & the Cow”. Each book tells stories of these animals plus four other stories in each. The stories come with colorful photos of the animals being friends and a short story about how their friendships came about.
We loved all three books. My six year old loved it the most. She loved seeing the photos and hearing the stories. Afterwards she’d ask me a lot of questions about each animal and if they have feelings and things like that. My three year old didn’t stay captured as much. She LOVED the photos and would say “aww” to every page but would run around while I read.
Our favorite book is “The Monkey & the Dove”. They loved the monkey so much and it’s so cute with the little bird.
Some of the stories have a sad story to them and it was hard for me to explain it to my kids. But I also think these are a great tool to teach your kids not only about animals but about friendship. It helps kids know that no matter who you are, what you look like, you can be friends with anyone. And it also teaches the importance of being a loyal friend to the ones you care about.

I would recommend these books to all families with kids. A perfect for everyone’s library. I’d also love to see these books in schools. Colorful photos, great story and a perfect learning tool.

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Jennifer S. Holland on Workman Publishing

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