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My Thoughts-
“Click: An Online Love Story” by Lisa Becker

“Click: An Online Love Story” is not like any book I’ve ever read before. It’s written through emails between four friends and emails coming for an online dating site. The main characters are, Renee, Shelley, Ashley and Mark. Mark challenges Renee to join an online dating site with him. She agrees and goes on many wonderful and many terrible dates. Through it all she shares her experiences with her two best friends, Ashley and Shelley. Shelley is a “slut” kind of a women, who encourages Ranee to let loose. Ashley is a person who loves to judge others but never says anything about herself. You want to keep reading to see if Renee will actually find true love.

I liked this book. It was hard to get into at first, with every email coming and going I would forget to who was talking and would have to look back at the “to” and “from” section of each email to be sure I was reading it correctly. But once I got to know the characters I began to know who was writing just by what they said and how they said it. There is an interesting twist at the end, that has you laughing and saying “hmmm….”

This book does have some “bad” language and sexual content. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a love story but with the twist of being written in email form.

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