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My Thoughts-
I was given two OdorXit Products to review, OdorXit Concentrate and OdorXit Magic. I was excited to try these products out. The first thing that attracted me to them is how safe they aare. “It is nontoxic, non irritating, nonflammable, non carcinogenic, non staining and is biodegradable.” Being a parent this makes me feel better using them around my kids.

Our youngest is just getting out of diapers but we still have a diaper pail we use. If any of you have/had a little one in diapers you will know the STINK the pail has, and no matter how much room sprays or deodorizers you use, the smell just won’t go away. The product I used with this is the OdorXit Magic. It doesn’t permanently get rid of the smell but it does get rid of it for a few days and without all the perfume smells. I was actually really amazed by this. Within a few minutes all the stink was gone. And only having to use the product every few days has been so nice, saves on money by not having to buy a room spray as often.

OdorXit Concentrate needs to be diluted with water. 1 part concentrate to 30 parts water. I used this with a smell from a window sealing product we used. The smell from the sealing product was very strong and very bad. The OdorXit Concentrate really got rid of this odor and quickly. I wish I had this product when I was a kid, they claim it will get rid of skunk smell. I don’t know how many times us or our grandparents dog get the skunk smell on it. But I sure would of loved this more then the tomato bath, lol.

I am highly impressed with these products. No strong perfumes, safe and they WORK!! I would definitely recommend this company to EVERYONE. They also sell sizes for bigger companies, like hotels and schools. OdorXit is a company for everyone with all kinds of needs. I guarantee you will be as impressed as I was.

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