“Deny Yourself” a devotional film from the series “True Beauty”- review & giveaway

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My Thoughts-
I’m excited to have the opportunity to review the second video in the “True Beauty” series called, “Deny Yourself“. I really enjoyed and got a lot out of the first film and I couldn’t wait for this second one. After watching this one I can’t wait for the third video, “Not of this World”- coming July 2013.

I’ll start with the basics. The DVD is 22 minutes long, you can watch it with or without subtitles and comes with a user guide. It’s filmed with simple video, focusing on Lisa Chan as the narrator and story teller and it also focuses on a women named Irene and her journey to “Deny Herself” for God.

This is one quote that really got me. It’s Lisa speaking and it really had me thinking about my life and how I worry about what the world thinks of me and expects me to be like and not of what God thinks and what He wants me to do.

“How do I live out my Christian life in amidst of this culture that is so loud, that is in our face?
The call is even more grave, it’s even louder for us to say, “No”, to the way of the world. To look totally different from the world. People should always be looking at our lives and thinking, “Why did they do that? Why don’t they do that?”

That really hit me hard. I love God and I want to please Him but I think my life is to afraid to displease others around me more. Why? Why am I not afraid of God? I should be, we all should be. So why do I push is wants, His needs away to please the world? This is something I’ll need to be thinking about a lot and digging deeper into myself so I can know how to “deny myself”.

One story we are shared is by a women named Irene. From the age of 16 she was in a bad relationship with this man. By the time she was 26 she had finally had enough and wanted to leave him. However he realized the hurt he has caused and in a way was asking for forgiveness. A friend of Irene told her that she needed to forgive . “God wants you to forgive him.” “Quit comparing yourself to your husband, and compare yourself to Christ.” She needed to forgive much because God has forgiven much. I think that would have been really hard. But in the end she forgave and wonderful things started happening in their lives. I won’t give more away, but I really encourage you to watch this film to see where Irene’s life went, to see how filled her life has become, all because she gave up herself and allowed God to be in control.

“Deny Yourself” is another great devotional film that has been reflecting on my life, where I’ve been and where I want to be. I want to allow God to be in full control. I need to allow His full access to myself and I need to let go of it all. It’s easy to say it but seems a lot harder to actually do.

I’m thankful for this video and hope I can follow through with it’s message. I highly suggest this devotion for every Christian women and it would be excellent for a women’s Bible study group as well. I believe being part of a group of believers and sharing your struggles and goals it how we can succeeded in our walk with Christ. They keep us accountable and pray for us.

Thank you, Lisa, for allowing me to view your video and to be part of this journey.

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