“Ripple” book review and tour

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My Thoughts-
“Ripple- A Tale of Hope and Redemption” by E.L. Farris

**warning- may contain spoilers**
Helen Thompson is a high power attorney, who travels a lot and is serious about her job. After coming home from her last trip she discovers that her teenage daughter has been sexually abused and is still in danger. Helen blames herself for being so busy and not seeing what was happening to her own child.
Because they are still in danger they are forced to go into hiding. Helen’s attorney hopes they can find the men coming after her daughter before it’s too late. Little dd they know one of those men are someone close to them, too close.

This book was very hard for me to read, in that I have daughters of my own and I can’t imagine someone hurting them like Helen’s daughter was hurt. I would want to kill the man responsible and I’d hate myself for letting it happen. I sound like Helen saying all that. The book was very fast paced, I wanted to make sure they would be ok, that the nightmare would end soon.

If you’re a parent you will need a strong heart and mind to get through this book. It’s so well written it makes you think it’s actually happening close to you. The sad part is, things like this are happening all around us and we don’t even know it.

I did feel like the book ended abruptly, I wanted to know more. However all answers I had were answered before the book ended. I think I wanted more because I fell in love with the characters so much and wanted to know they are ok.

If you like suspense books I think you’ll love this one. It should be on your summer “must read” list.

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