“Grace Unplugged” and “Own It” book reviews & giveaway

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My Thoughts-
Grace Unplugged” by: Melody Carlson

Grace “Gracie” Trey is an eighteen year old who has had a dream of making it big in the music industry. He dad had a huge hit when he was younger but left the music business to save his life from destruction. He found Christ and decided to dedicate his time with music to the Lord, he taught his daughter how to play guitar and traveled around to churches sharing God’s Word. Grace thought of her dad as a “one hit wonder” and didn’t understand why he didn’t keep up with his career. She was determined to “make it big” and left home to follow her dreams. She is hit with a lot of temptations and even gives into a few of them. She can’t figure out how to balance her dreams and God at the same time.

This book is based after a movie that will be coming out in October, that will feature AJ Michalka, James Denton and others. I’m glad to have read the book first, it gave me a chance to build my images of the characters and places and allowed me to put myself into the story. After reading the book I can’t wait to watch the movie.

In this book Grace makes friends with an intern who knows her from her past of traveling to churches with her dad. His name is Quentin and he tries hard to help Grace stay on track with God. One thing he did was give her a book to read on tour called, “Own It”. I was also given this book to read and review, I think that is pretty cool.

“Own It” by Hayley and Michael DiMarco
“Own It” has you explore into your faith and figure out how you can own it. It challenges you to dig deep into why you do what you do and how God can be number one in all of it. And until you “let go and let God” be number one in your life you will never find peace, true peace.

I loved both books and would recommend these to youth groups and even Bible study groups. It will help you dig deeper into your life with God and the story allows you to put it into prospective.

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