Evenflo celebrates the arrival of brand new baby gear for 2014

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Tuesday, October 29th, I attended an informational event for the new Evenflo product line for 2014. This was held in Toronto at Kidville Canada. Cheryl Hickey of ET Canada was there to help lead the discussion. She was perfect for this event, being a mom of two, one being a newly born baby. She was able to ask the questions about car seats and baby gear that all us moms think about. There to represent Evenflo was Kyle Bohinc. He took the time to introduce us to Evenflo’s new product line and give demonstrations.


We first learned about the car seat line. There were a few features that had all of us “oooing” and “ahhing”. The first feature covers the problem we all have, getting the shoulder straps perfectly fit to your child. Just when you have it set correctly your child has a growth spurt and you have to take apart your car seat to readjust it again. Evenflo introduced us to “Infinite Slide Harness”. It simply slides up and you turn a knob to tighten it to your child’s shoulders. It’s simple and saves frustration. Plus you know that the straps fit your child perfectly each time.


Another feature he showed us is the SureLATCH® Connectors, with this it makes installing your car seat easy and stress free. It takes less then 60 seconds.

Kyle also gave us 5 important things to think about when buying a car seat.

1- Weight, height and age of the child. The weight is the most important thing to look at when it comes to purchasing a new car seat or booster

2- Your intended usage. If you think you’ll be taking your baby in and out of the car often, maybe you should think about getting carrier instead of one that stays in the car. However if you want just a fixed seat you can go with one of their convertible car seats.

3- Your type of vehicle. If you have a small car you could opt for one of their slimmer seats.

4- Know your child. When your child is older and you`re thinking of moving to a booster, think about what kind of child you have. When they fall asleep do they tend to lean over? Then you should think about a high back booster.

5- Is it easy for you to install and use?

We then learned about two new stroller, travel systems they had. The first stroller Kyle showed us the SmartFold technology. I know as a mom I hate trying to juggle baby and fold up the stroller. With this technology all you have to do is unlock the safety latch and then pull up on a hoop in the seat. BAM! it’s folded up. When he showed this it was like he was reveling a new car and everyone was so impressed.
The other stroller feature we learned about is the Featherlite system. The stroller was so light he could pick it up with his pinky finger. It’s light but looks extremely sturdy.


Recently I’ve been looking for a baby carrier I can use to take my baby on walks in. The one we have doesn’t support my back and it makes baby and me very hot. Evenflo has introduced their Outlast body temp regulation. Studies have found the Outlast has kept an even temp for baby. So no more over heating. Their carries also have memory foam, giving more comfort to all.


The last product we learned about are their Activity Centers. You can purchase a regular ExerSaucer, one that will work for your baby from 4month and older. Or you can find they have a 2 in 1 ExerSaucer. It includes a play mat that has an attachable bar for new borns to lay on and interact with the toys, then when they are old enough to hold their head up you move that bar to the ExerSaucer and they can sit in it and play. They also have a 3 in 1 activity center. It’s like the 2 in 1 but can go beyond the use of being just a baby. The ExerSaucer opens up into a “s” shape, allowing walking children use the product for much longer. We got to see all three and they all look like so much fun. There was a little boy there that was enjoying them very much.

I learned so much and had so much fun. As a special gift to each of us they allowed us to pick out a product from the new line to receive. I picked their Symphony All-In-One Car Seat. It has the Infinite Slide Harness and will be useful to us until Noah is almost out of a booster.

Evenflo Symphony All-in-One Car Seat Porter

It fun to meet Cheryl Hickey from ET Canada. Noah put on his charm when she was holding him. Cheryl really helped get the answers about car seat safety we all have but never remember to ask.
We also got to meet Kris Reyes from The Morning show, she’s expecting and looks totally cute.

evenflo-meetEVENFLO - Evenflo launches their 2014 line of baby gear
(second photo was provided to the media, not taken by me)

I also want to give a shout out to our caterers, elle cuisine. Very yummy food.


Thank you to Evenflo, Kidville Canada, elle cuisine and everyone who made this possible (including Harbinger for inviting me). I had a huge blast.
Also thank you to Green Beauty for the facial certificate, Kidville for the free pass, and The Little Bakery That Can for the cookies- in the gift bags.

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