November- Diabetes Awareness Month- Nov 14th World Diabetes Day!

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November is Diabetes awareness month and on November 14th it is World Diabetes Day. We have been wearing a blue ribbon all month in honor of our daughter, Maggie, who was diagnosed at the age of three (March 2013) with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). And today we are all wearing blue to honor the day, a day we hope will bring awareness to this disease and to show our hope for a cure for T1D.

I often wonder if there was something we could have done to help Maggie not get this, but there was no real cause for it, her pancreas just stopped working. She wasn’t born with it, it just happened. It’s no one’s fault. But worst of all there is no cure.

As I said in my first post this month I would share the misconceptions about T1D. The photo above makes me laugh, only because I get a lot of people saying, “oh, it must be so hard for Maggie to not have any sweets. The poor kid.” A person with T1D CAN have sugar, they just need to count the carbs the sweets have and be sure to correct it with insulin. They still need to be careful, eating too much of any carb and not using insulin to correct it will cause the person to have high blood sugar, if that high blood sugar is not taken care of they can get diabetic ketoacidosis.


I would also like to ask that you help us win a special prize for our little Maggie. You can check out my blog post for more details.- Who Are You Fighting For? Thank you.