National Geographic Kids Ultimate Bugopedia- Review & giveaway (US only)

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* Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate my review. This post reflects my honest, personal opinion and experience with the product which may differ from yours. Product information courtesy of the sponsor. No monetary compensation was provided for this post.

My Thoughts-
As my kids get older I am always looking for more educational and fun books to read with them. National Geographic Kids has come out with the “National Geographic Kids Ultimate Bugopedia”. It’s one of the most complete bug reference books out there. With the summer coming I thought it would be fun to have this book for my kids and I to use when encountering bugs. With over 400 amazing images and detailed information I knew this book would be awesome.

I post this with a warning, the book has up close and very vivid images of bugs. My oldest and I read through the book and at times our skin crawled. I even had dreams about bugs for a couple of days. Shudders… So when you’re reading this book with your kids be sure to be able to explain each bug and be there if they feel scared.


This book is amazing. I learned more about bugs I’ve seen all the time then I even thought I could learn. Each bug is given two pages, each with full color and up close images of real bugs. It explains what the bug is, it’s common name and scientific name, where they can be found, where the call “home” and any other interesting tidbit about the bug and it’s unique nature. My oldest daughter wanted to me to read everything on every page. If it was a really creepy bug she wanted to know where they can be found. If they couldn’t be found near us she would breath a sigh a relief and say she was glad it couldn’t come here.

The book is also divided up into types. For instance, beetles and butterflies each have their own category. You learn about the specific bugs in the category and then there is a section that explains the group as a whole.

I love this book, even if it gives me the creepy crawlies, it’s a great educational tool and will make for fun summer adventures.

National Geographic also sent me a a bug vac shaped like an anteater. I’ve seen these before and I always wanted to get one for my kids. It gently sucks up a bug and places it into a clear plastic viewing container. Your child then can observe the bug and see more details of it. I loved the packaging for this anteater too, it has all kinds of interesting facts about the animal. I’ve cut out the information and kept it for my kids to read.

National Geographic Kids is giving one of my US readers a chance to win the book and anteater. That’s pretty awesome.

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