The last month of school (Life) craziness- in a good way

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I’ll keep this short, I think.

This week and the weeks to come are jam packed full of things going on. Two field trips. Track & field day. Dance rehearsals. Dance Recitals. Many doctor’s appointments. Voting. Going to see a show in Stratford. Family Visiting. Final days of home reading. And so much more…

I feel like I’m running on zero at all times and I feel like I need to add about 10 more hours to each day to get things done. Blogging and housework seem to get missed often. I hope once July comes things will settle down a bit.

I look forward to blogging on Saturday about my first week on the 20 Minute Body Challenge. I’ve had amazing results so far. I’ll talk to you then. Thanks for sticking with me.