Shake the Crave 90 Day Challenge- Week 2

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Week 2 was much better for me then week 1. The numbers on the scale might not show it but my clothes are fitting way better. I have this one shirt that I love but it’s been way too tight on me. I tried it on this Sunday and it fit me perfectly, in fact a bit loosely. It felt great to have one of those non-scale victories.

My eating has been much better this week. With the exception of Saturday, which was a family Thanksgiving re-do, since a lot of the family was sick for the first one. But even on out Thanksgiving part 2 I ate a lot better then I would have in the past. I also have been drinking a lot more water every day. At first drinking so much water seemed impossible but now I’m loving it. Last week I said I would try to cut my soda intake to 1-2 cans for the whole week. I’m proud to say I only had one can of pop.

I also managed a lot more physical activity. I’ve been noticing since starting the Shake the Crave challenge that I’ve been gaining much more energy. I was able to get out walking 5 times this past week (I’ve also added some sprints into my runs, increasing my cardio). Plus I raked our whole back yard on Saturday afternoon, and let me tell you, there were A LOT of leaves to rake. I didn’t get any weight training it, except for if you count playing with my 1 year old who loves me to pick him up and fly him over my head.

My goals for this coming week. I hope to get some weight training in. I also hope to run more during my walks, my main goal is to get back into full-time running. I would also like to stay extremely strict with my eating this week, no little cheats this time. I am going to also eliminate pop altogether, meaning no pop at all.

To help switch up my shake meals I decided to try a shake with a bit of mint extract in it. This was super tasty and would make for a great holiday treat.


My Stats-
*My Start Weight is- 236.8 lbs
*Oct 28- 231.8 lbs
*TOTAL LOSS- 5 lbs

Goal weight in the next 90 days is to be- 195 lbs.

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