“The Reason- how I discovered a life worth living” by Lacey Sturm- #book review

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My Thoughts-
When I picked “The Reason- how I discovered a life worth living” by Lacey Sturm, I didn’t know how much it would affect me. It was like I was reading a parallel story of my own story with some differences.

“The Reason” is Lacey Sturm’s life story. She shares her struggles with finding a reason to live and to care about her life. Each chapter starts with “The Reason I…” and shared her journey through life. She then gets to “The Reason I Wanted to Die”, then “The Reason I Couldn’t Kill Myself” and “The Reason I’m Alive”. These were the deep chapters, the ones that had me crying. Each chapter told another story from her life, they each ended on why the way she was trying to live wasn’t working and what would have worked better, God. I love how she wrote the book like this, it allows the reader to find a story that fits into where they are now and how God can work in their life.

Lacey Sturm, struggled with loss in her life. Many either dying, leaving her or hurting her. She became bitter towards God and decided He must not exists. Just when she thought she finally thought she had a reason to live, it was taken away from her. It wasn’t until her Grandmother forced her to attend a church service, that she finally found the true happiness, the true meaning to live.

What I learned from this book is, you can have everything you want in the world but without God it’s meaningless, hopeless and that joy will be short lived. Lacey Sturm thought she had found a reason to live in her family but when that was taken away that reason was gone, God will always be with us.

This is one book I would recommend to everyone. It will fill your heart and renew the source of joy in your heart. This will change your thinking on life.

Some people may find her name familiar, she was the lead singer of the group Flyleaf, in her book she explains why she needed to leave.

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