Cook With Campbell’s- Classic Weeknight Tacos (Test Group, review) #ad

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I am part of Mom Central Canada’s Campbell’s Soup test group. I’m not required to make any blog posts or social media post but there are some of these meal that are just too good to not share.

This past week we tried the Classic Weeknight Tacos. With prep and cooking it took a total of 25 minutes to make.

This was another simple recipe to prepare. You just chop veggies, dump cans, brown the beef and cook all together.

I am asked to follow the recipe to the “T” and I did but the great thing about this recipe it that your family to can add or change the ingredients however they love tacos. My kids LOVE a lot of cheese. I like having extra tomatoes. The recipe calls for hard shells but you can also use soft shells. It’s perfect for our family.

Unlike other tacos that have a spicy taste to them, these tacos have more of a sweet flavor to them. It was a pleasant twist to the normal taco meal. The great thing is the left over meat works well in mac & cheese.

Even the baby LOVED it!


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Thank you Mom Central Canada and Campbell’s.

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