“THE GOSPEL OF JOHN” from The Lumo Project on Netflix (#JohnOnNetflix)

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Disclaimer- I was sent a preview link for the purpose of this review. I was also entered into a contest. This does not influence my opinion on this film in anyway. All opinions are mine.

My Thoughts-
The Lumo Project will be releasing films for all four Gospels in to NetFlix. I had the opportunity to view The Gospel of John. I got to choose between three versions, NIV Version, King James Version & In Spanish. For my review I picked the NIV version, and I pulled out my Bible to read along.

The film for John is narrated by leading British actor David Harewood (‘Homeland’, ‘Blood Diamond’, ‘Merchant of Venice’) and is acted out with real people in the Hold Land. It’s read word for word from the Biblical account of John. Many scholars were involved in the making of these films and are based on the most recent theological, historical and archaeological research.

When the film started out my husband and I said this looks familiar. It turns out a part of one of these films was shown in our church around Easter time. I remember back then thinking how cool it was and how real it made the Word of God feel. Watching the whole Book was really amazing to experience. I would suggest breaking it up into pieces, it’s almost 3 hours long, maybe look through your Bible and figure out how far you want to go through and then stop the film at that point and then pick it back up again another time.

I think it’s so awesome that it’s going to be on Netflix. I can’t wait to watch the other three Gospels. It really brings the Bible to life.

I think this would be perfect for families, Bible studies, small groups and church groups. You could watch part of it and then have a study about it.

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