Shake the Crave 90 Day Challenge- Week 7

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Week number 7 of the Shake the Crave challenge. This week almost all of us were sick at one point or another. It was so stressful and I was worried I wasn’t going to loose any weight. I was excited to see I lost 1.7 lbs. I didn’t reach my weekly goal but it’s a lot more then I thought I would loose. Next week will be the end of month two. I’ll have updated photos. I’m also hoping to loose more this month then I did last month, that would make my day.

My eating was horrible this weekend. I ate a lot of carbs and had a lot of two-bite brownies (those things are evil, too addicting, wish they weren’t in my house). By Monday of this week I was back on track, but I still wonder how much more I could have lost if I hadn’t screwed up on Saturday & Sunday. Oh well, I can’t change the past, I can only look towards the future.

My workouts were good at the beginning of the week but the week end was when I was sick and had no energy to do anything. My elliptical also has a squeaks now and I hope we can get it fixed so I can get some good workouts in for the next 7 days. It’s my favorite workout.

That’s all I have for this week. Hoping to have some awesome results for this 2nd month to show you. Thanks for sticking with me.

My Stats-
*My Start Weight is- 236.8 lbs
*Dec 2- 224.0 lbs
*TOTAL LOSS- 12.8 lbs
*Month 1 total loss- 7.3 lbs
*Month 2 total loss- 5.5 lbs
*Month 3 total loss-

Goal weight in the next 90 days is to be- 195 lbs.

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