Shake the Crave 90 Day Challenge- Week 8 (with update photos)

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Week number 8 of the Shake the Crave challenge, two months down.

Last week was a really horrible, bad week for me. A lot of personal things happened and it felt like I was living in a nightmare. As a result of this I couldn’t eat at all, I was sick to my stomach and I didn’t sleep- for 4 days straight. I had lost 5 lbs by the weekend. On Sunday I was finally able to eat and sleep but I still had no energy left in my body to workout. I knew when I weighed myself today that I’d be up a few pounds from the weekend, my body’s metabolism is out of whack, I’m retaining fat(body in starvation mode) and fluids from the stress. I did loose another 1.1 lbs from last week and I’m happy for the loss, I just wish I would have ended my second week with a bang, a bigger number then month 1. I’m not going to let this hard week get me down and ruin my progress. No emotional eating for me.

Looking at my photos I noticed my posture is getting better. I think with workouts and with feeling better about myself I’m standing better. That’s another bonus I never thought about before.

My Stats-
*My Start Weight is- 236.8 lbs
*Dec 9- 222.9 lbs
*TOTAL LOSS- 13.9 lbs
*Month 1 total loss- 7.3 lbs
*Month 2 total loss- 6.6 lbs
*Month 3 total loss-



Goal weight in the next 90 days is to be- 195 lbs (new goal weight is to be at 210 lbs).

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