Little Gestalten book collection- review & giveaway

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My Thoughts-
My kids LOVE books. Love isn’t even a strong enough word for their passion of books. I was excited to hear about a new publishing company called, Little Gestalten. They are a Berlin-based children’s book publisher. They like to take the “normal” of children’s books and add a playful twist to them. Below I will introduce you to 5 of their books, then my US readers will have the opportunity to enter a giveaway to win these books.

IMG_2768Book 1- “Issun Boshi: The One Inch Boy”. I’ve never heard of this story before but evidently it’s a classic Japanese fairy tale. Issun Boshi (the one-inch boy) was born into a family who were old and desperate for children. The mother ever begged saying “we’d like a little boy, any size at all”. So then came Issum Boshi. As he got older he never grew and one day he wanted to explore this great big world. So his parents sent him off. On his journey he runs into a big orange faced man. This man promised to make him big if Issun Boshi would bring him a special gift. Soon he finds a girl who loves to be around him. What will become of him and the girl? What will become of the orange faced man? Will Issun Boshi be big one day?

This was a fun short read. The pages are mainly, off white, blue, black and orange. I think kids will find this fun and silly. Plus there is a great moral to the story at the end.

IMG_2769Book 2- “Elsa and the Night”. This story is about Elsa, a fox. One day at night she hears a noise and realizes it is the night. Elsa goes on an adventure and the night protect her. They go to many places and become good friends. In return for their friendship Elsa also introduces the night to the things of the day by use of an umbrella.

This is another cute book. A short read. The images are full of a lot of detail and I caught myself looking at them for a few minutes before reading on.

IMG_2767Book 3- “The Zoo’s Grand Opening”. This book uses the alphabet to introduce various animals from around the world. I love this added twist to the average animal type book. The Kangaroo page tells us about where the Kangaroo is from lets us know she is strong. There is also a photo of a young boy playing the didgeridoo, another part of Australia. The elephant page talks about the elephants from Kenya and talks about their two tusks. There are also numbers on the right side page. This counts up to 26 with the letters and animals.

I loved this book. It’s a fun way to learn about the animals in the zoo, as well as the alphabet, and numbers. Even my 18 month old had fun with me reading it to him.

IMG_2766Book 4- “Alphabetics: An Aesthetically Awesome Alliterated Alphabet Anthology “. This book has a twist to the normal alphabet books. Each letter has an alliteration sentence. I picked the letter “K” for an illustration because it’s what our last name starts with and because my youngest LOVES kangaroos. Not all the pages are about animals but a lot involve them. If there are words you’re not sure about there is a glossary of words at the end to help.

This silly book is too awesome. Not only do we get to learn the alphabet, but we get to do it with tongue tying alliterations. You and your kids will surely learn a lot from this fun and crazy book.

IMG_2770Book 5- “Little Red Riding Hood”. This tells of the classic Little Red Riding Hood story. A young girl is given a red velvet cape from her grandmother. One day her grandmother asked for some baked goods and warned her to not stray away from the path she was going. She happens a long s big wolf who strays her away from the path with flowers. Once Red Riding Hood arrives to her grandmother’s house she senses something strange but it’s too late and the wolf eats her. Then a huntsman comes a long and cute them out.

The cool this with this book is you can pull it out into one big story or you can read it page by page with the little cut outs creating different scenes. This one was my favorite of all the books. I’ve put this up away from the kids, only because it can easily be broken and I like too much.

Little Gestalten is a great new publishing company and I look forward to seeing more of their books. It’s refreshing seeing many “old” type books come back to life with the new twists that Little Gestalten does.

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