“To The Sea” a new Christian kid’s book- review

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My Thoughts-
To The Sea” by Callie Grant, is a a new Christian kid’s board book.

The book describes the different parts of the sea in rhyme. It’s written from the point of view of a little boy and his experience with the great big sea. He describes the waves, how it feels on his toes, the animals around and in it, building a sand castle and the sun. The book ends with a Bible verse talking about creation.

This book is very cute and fun to read. I love rhyming books, it gives a fun sing-song to reading to my kids. The illustrations (Jeremy Tugeau) are beautiful. Reading this book and looking at the photos made me want to go to the beach and take in the waves, sun and beauty.

There are a few short sentences on each page, perfect for my middle child who is learning to read. And perfect for my youngest who wants me to read to him but gets impatient with long books. I love the small Bible verse at the end. It helped open up a small conversation with my kids about God’s creation and how splendid it all is. If you visit their website they give parents helpful tips on how to talk with your children about God and nature.

I would recommend this book to families with little kids who want a fun and easy way to talk about God and His creation. I would also recommend you checking out their website and see all the other books they have.