“Ant-Man” in theatres today!- review

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Intro- My parents are in town for a visit so I sent my husband and pa out to the pre-screening of Marvel’s “Ant-Man”. Below are their thoughts.

David’s Thoughts-
I was 9 years old when I bought the first Tales to Astonish, starring Ant Man. As an adult, when I heard that an Ant Man movie was coming out, I was doubtful that the movie could do justice to the character. I am happy to report I was wrong. This movie is better than I could have hoped for. The action scenes are well filmed. There are moments of humor, along with great character development, that kept things moving at a good pace. The only problem I had with the filming were the flying scenes. I have a disease that make me have vertigo problems and those scenes would start me feeling disoriented. I would have to close my eyes for a few moments until the feeling passed. It was well worth the risk, just to see and enjoy this movie. I am planning to go see this again even though I might have a vertigo attack. Two thumbs up from me.

Chris’ Thoughts-
I have been really enjoying all the recent superhero movies, but I didn’t grow up reading comic books or following some of the lesser known characters, so I had know clue who the Ant Man was. My father in law brought be up to speed on some of the history before we say the movie which was nice. Otherwise, the thought of this character didn’t stand out to me as one that would make for a good movie. After seeing the movie, I would have to say that I really enjoyed it. It had good casting, I loved the witty humor throughout, often breaking up more tense scenes, or saying what we all thought we could say for a somewhat ‘unbelievable’ character. There was lots of heart and emotion, but lots of action as well. It was cool to see tie-ins to the rest of the Marvel universe a few times throughout the movie. I really enjoyed this movie and it is one that I hope to watch again and probably own someday.

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