Oxi-Go Premier pulse oximeter- review

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My Thoughts-
Being a family in to watching our health and watching closely our daughter with T1D, I was excited to test out Oxi-Go The Premier Pulse oximeter. It comes in a nice padded box with instructions, 2 AAA Batteries, 1 Lanyard and Carrying Case. The purpose of using this product is to monitor your oxygen levels and heart rate. The large LED display makes it easy to read even with my glasses off. If you push the button it flips the display around to help read it from any direction.

IMG_8005I have used the Oxi-Go pulse oximeter to help find my resting heart rate and my maximizing active heart rate. I also have used it to see how my chronic pain affects my heart rate. It’s been helpful in helping me relax during my strong pain issues. I can see where my pulse is and then concentrate on relaxing by taking slow deep breaths.

We also have used this on our daughter with T1D. It gives us an indication of her oxygen levels and pulse while shes sleeping or having bad blood sugars. For me, this is important, it allows me to see if she’s under distress.

The Oxi-go is nice and small and fits right into my purse, so I can use it where ever I go. This is a perfect device for our family. I would recommend this for anyone who is into fitness and wants to track their heart rate or anyone who deals with medical issues, it can give you a quick peace of mind. (however if you feel unwell, please seek medical help)

Love this an awesome product. LOVE it.

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