“Tomorrowland” on Blu-ray/DVD today!

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My Thoughts-
Tomorrowland is based off of an idea from Walt Disney. The idea is we live in one dimension of many out there. Athena (Raffey Cassidy) is a robot programmed to find people of our world who are dreamers and inventors. She goes by the orders of David Nix (Hugh Laurie). The first recruit we see is Frank (George Clooney). We first meet Frank when he’s a teen age boy with a dream of making a rocket pack. Athena loves his enthusiasm and recruits him to come to her world. We then see Athena’s next recruit Casey (Britt Robertson), she finds her 20 years later. Frank has been kicked out of Tomorrowland and with the help of Athena and Casey they get Frank back to help save our world.

This is a very strange movie and I LOVED it. I dreamed for days about being on Tomorrowland, in a flying car, visiting the stars in the sky and working with human robots. The beginning of the movie was very slow and I almost gave up on watching but I’m glad I watched it all the way through. It was a fun, cute and very strange film. My girls loved watching it with us and have asked to watch it again this coming weekend.

I think this is a great family night movie. Just don’t give up in the first 20 minutes, I promise it gets better. The acting is great and the actress that does Athena, Raffey Cassidy, is incredible! She’s so young but has a lot of promise in Hollywood, look out for her.

FIND it-