Holiday Gift Guide: Big, Bold & Beautiful from National Geographic Children’s Books- review & giveaway‏

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* Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate my review. This post reflects my honest, personal opinion and experience with the product which may differ from yours. Product information courtesy of the sponsor. No monetary compensation was provided for this post.

My Thoughts-
One thing my kids love the most is books. LOTS of books and I’m excited to have them help introduce some great gift ideas for this coming holidays from National Geographic Children. There are 6 books in total, 5 of which I’ll be review. All 6 books will be up for grabs in a huge giveaway.

IMG_9160Treasury of Norse Mythology: Stories of Intrigue, Trickery, Love and Revenge” by Donna Jo Napoli.
Even though my oldest kids are girls, they still love people like Thor, Odin and other mythological character. In their words, superheros. In this book they learn the origins of the characters and why they have the powers they have. This book is more for kids who like read to and not so much on the imagery. It’s a lot of writing and not much illustrations. It was still a very interesting book for my 9 year old to look through and study. We’re actually going to gift this to a dear friend who loves Norse Mythology. I know she’s going to love reading it.

IMG_9159NG Kids Why?: Over 1,111 Answers to Everything” by Crispin Boyer. If you know kids, you know they like to ask “why” about a lot of things and sometimes we just have to say, “I’m not sure”. With this book you’ll find a ton of answers to these why questions. Some interesting questions my kids loved are “Why do I cry?” It explains the different types of tears and what causes them. Another interesting one is “Why do internet addresses start with ‘http://www’?” It explains the rules of web building and the use of World Wide Web. It them goes on to explain why it’s called the WWW and if it really is World Wide. My middle child loved learning about “Why cats groom themselves throughout the day.” This book is fun to do as an after dinner activity or on a rainy day. It’s fun to laugh at how silly our world really is and it’s fun to be in awe of how things work.

IMG_9162Ultimate Reptile-opedia: The Most Complete Reptile Reference Ever“. I’m an animal person but I have to admit, this book gave me the crawly skin. The images are vivid, we can see the details in each reptile. My kids loved it and thought it was “cool to see how cute they are”. Each two page layout has a detailed photo, explains about the reptile, it’s size, food, location and type of habitat. I can see this book being perfect for when they have research papers to write. They can get a lot of their info from just one book.

IMG_9152“100 Things to Make You Happy”. This is a cute little coffee table book and is small enough to fit into your stockings this coming Christmas. There are jokes, cute facts and silly sayings. The live photography also will make you smile. Not only does it show you things that will make you happy it also shows ways to overcome life events, to remember to breath and never give up. You also learn interesting fun facts about the world around you. 100 Things to Make You Happy is another great book to read after diner or on a rainy day, it’s sure to cheer up your day.

IMG_9157National Geographic Book of Nature Poetry“. Not only would this book make a great gift for your child it would be a fun gift for your child’s teacher too. Over 200 poems talking about the beauty around us. Each poem is illustrated with beautiful photography of the nature found around the world. The poems and photos depict animals, insects, natural phenomenons and plant life. My girls just wanted to look through all the photos first and then read the poems. They were “oh-ing” and “ah-ing” over each page. even the pages with tornadoes and fires captured their attention. They know they are bad things but also learned the beauty of them too. I grew up in tornado alley and I always said that the sky was so beautiful just before a tornado. The sky dances and turns colors. Our favorite page was the rainbow page. My middle child’s favorite color is the rainbow, she can’t just pick one color. The poem by “William Wordsworth” hits right to home with our feelings about rainbows.

PastedGraphic-2Ultimate Weird But True! 3“. We didn’t receive a copy of this book but it really looks like another one my kids would love. Here is a short synopsis of it- “Have a fact-loving tween? Over 1,000 of the weirdest facts coupled with amazing graphics and photos packaged in an oversized gift-giving-worthy format makes this book a slam dunk selection for avid readers, reluctant readers and boys and girls alike.”

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