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My Thoughts-
“Murder Run” by Shelly Frome

Jed Cooper looks like her murdered his former employer, an older lady who use to be a dance instructor but has run away from something that had her scared. She hired Jed to do some grounds work and to install safety measures around her house. Jed gets a strange call in the middle of the night that leads him to the lady’s house where he finds her dead and where he is caught by police. The police think Jed killed her. But Jed needs to prove them wrong. We also meet Sal, a crazy man who is part of the mob. Sal thinks the world is out to get him and will do anything to prove it and stop those who are involved. What you think you know isn’t all what is.

This book was a bit of a slower read for me. I think mainly because of my reading disability. The story lines seems to jump from one character to another and sometimes I’d miss the transition. However I do want to say I LOVED this story. From the beginning I wanted to know who did it and how it all pulled together. I found that even though I felt it was moving slow it was also moving fast. The story would pick up and I’d figure out more of what was happening and then it would leave me hanging to visit another character.

If you love mystery and crime/murder stories I would recommend this book. You’ll want to keep reading to find out who killed the lady. You’ll want to figure out who Sal is, who Jed is and why the police seem shady.


Shelly FromeMurder Run by Shelly Frome:

Publisher: Sunbury Press (August 15, 2015)
Category: Mystery, Detective, Amateur Sleuth, Crime
Tour Date: Oct & Nov, 2015
ISBN: 978-1620066164
Available in: Print & ebook, 244 Pages

Murder Run centers on Jed Cooper, a wayward handyman grappling with the untimely death of his employer, a fragile choreographer who secluded herself in the Litchfield Hills.

As the fallout mounts, the reader is taken to various locales in and around Manhattan, an escapade in Miami Springs and back again to the Connecticut hill country until this twisty conundrum finally plays itself out.

Praise for ‘Twilight Of the Drifter’ by Shelly Frome:

“This is a thoughtful, careful study of the south in a way that makes a time and a place come alive. One thing I liked especially about it is the dialogue and the pacing of the narrative. Frome is writing from deep understanding and with a skill that is enviable. A good mystery from a good writer.”-Lee Jacobus, LeeJacobus.com

“Rich in southern history and mystery.”- Patricia Gligor, Author of ‘Mixed Messages’ & ‘Desperate Deeds’

“Shelly Frome’s southern fried literary characters in “Twilight of the Drifer” haunt the reader like a stirring and heartfelt Blues song.
This crime story loses no time in transporting the reader into the dark underbelly of the gritty world of the Missisippi Delta. Mr. Frome’s vivid and picturesque use of description paints one unforgettable reading experience.”- Gerry Corn, Amazon Reviewer

Praise for ‘Tinseltown Riff’ by Shelly Frome:

“Capture Real Energy Reading This Fast Moving and Intriguing Book!”- Jo-Anne Vandermeulen, Author of ‘ Conquer All Obstacles’

“Tinseltown Riff by Shelly Frome took me on a trip through the movie industry that was a surprise and a lot of fun. Not your typical Hollywood story. On this wild ride through the industry, you’ll be watching over Ben’s shoulder as he does his best to make it in the Big Time, only to trip and fall, time and time again. I recommend this story to readers looking to get away from it all, who are looking for an adventure, and who want to be entertained.”- A. McGraw, Amazon Reviewer

“Tinseltown Riff is an amazing collage of false and failed people trying to make it in the superficial atmosphere of Hollywood. Caught in their own world of make believe the oddball characters shuffle the deck and don’t always come up with a full one. Scam artists feast on the likes of Ben trying to draw his way back into the movie world, and failed actresses trying to recreate themselves. Add in a hit man from the Vegas mob on the prowl for lost drugs, records and money. This unusual mix
of offbeat characters makes for entertaining reading and intrigue.”-
Julian Stuart Haber, Author, ‘A Nail In The Body of Christ’ and ‘Blood Avenger’

About Shelly Frome:Shelly Frome

Shelly Frome is a member of Mystery Writers of America, a professor of dramatic arts emeritus at the University of Connecticut, a former professional actor, a writer of crime novels and books on theater and film. He is also the film columnist for Southern Writers Magazine.

His fiction includes Sun Dance for Andy Horn, Lilac Moon, Twilight of the Drifter and Tinseltown Riff. Among his works of non-fiction are The Actors Studio and texts on the art and craft of screenwriting and writing for the stage.

Murder Run is his latest foray into the world of mystery/crime and the amateur sleuth. He lives in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Website: http://www.shellyfrome.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shellyfrome
Twitter: https://twitter.com/shellyFrome

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