“Thank You, Teacher!” book review”

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My Thoughts-
“Thank You, Teacher!” by Josephine Collins and illustrated by Jill Latter
We all have a teacher in our lives or our children’s lives that have made a huge impact in our lives. Mine was Mr Huff, my science teacher in grades 11 & 12. He took the extra time to help me understand chemistry and how it can apply to my life after school. I often think of him and wish I could thank him again for helping me enjoy school. For my oldest it would be her grade 2 & 3 teacher, Mrs Martin. My daughter loved her so much that even if she was sick she would want to go to school.

We also love giving gifts to our teachers for Christmas and end of the year. It’s hard to think of a fun and unique gift to give that won’t be just clutter for the teacher. I love the idea of this book, “Thank You, Teacher!”. It’s a cute little coffee table book that would be a great gift for that special teacher in your life. I’d even consider giving if as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Each page is reason why we appreciate our teachers. Some are funny and some are the thank yous that bring a tear to your eye. One of my favorite says in the book is “whatever we do, and wherever we go, we’ll NEVER forget YOU!”. It’s so true. I graduated 20 years ago and I still remember my teachers going all the way back to kindergarten. Teachers make a HUGE impact on our lives and when they are great teachers they stick in my heart forever.

I love the cute illustrations in the book. They have a childlike feeling and are so cute. I also love the cut out apple shape in the cover. It represents all those apples teachers use to receive back in the day and brings to to the now.

I plan on giving our copy to my middle daughter’s teacher at the end of this year. Her teacher has gone above and beyond to protect our daughter with T1D. She’s learned so much and really cares about my daughter’s health and safety. Her teacher has also helped my daughter thrive in learning to read & write. A year ago I would have thought my daughter would never figure out reading & writing but now she’s writing her first story and working hard at sounding out the words all by herself. I’m so thankful for this teacher in our lives.

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