AngelicWare bamboo cloth diapers- review

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My Thoughts-
We started cloth diapers with our second child in 2009. We now have a little boy who is 2.5 and we are still cloth diapering. I love finding new diapers to use and AngelicWare Cloth Diapers made with bamboo sounded really cool. The diapers are fully adjustable and come with a removable insert.

We received a yellow diaper for review. I love that it is gender neutral so we can use it with a boy or girl. I also love that these diapers are fully adjustable. It can fit a small baby and also fit my toddler. He has worn it a lot and we’ve never had any leaks, even with his active life. I also love that the lining it black, we can’t see stains with the black. We wash our diapers with cloth diaper safe detergent and hang dry, the AngelicWare diaper has washed and worn well. The diaper is made of charcoal bamboo material. My little boy hasn’t had a rash with it and like I said, no leaks.

I recommend you checking them out. And if you’re not satisfied they have a 100% money back guarantee. The company would like to give you a 10% discount code. Just click on this link-
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