Keto//OS- review

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* Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate my review. This post reflects my honest, personal opinion and experience with the product which may differ from yours. Product information courtesy of the sponsor. No monetary compensation was provided for this post.

My Thoughts-
I’ve been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. With that I’m not sleeping well, I’m not very active and the meds I’m on are causing me to gain weight. It’s frustrating, so i began looking for something to help boost my energy, help me loose weight, help me sleep better and help with my chronic pain. I heard about Keto//OS from a Tomoson (a PR site) and it sounded like a great solution to try out.

I received a 5 day supply of Keto//OS from Sandi Lanham, an Independent Prüver, to review. I simply add a pack of the powder to a shaker cup and add water to it. Once it’s nicely shaken up there is no grit. The flavor is kind of like lemonade. After a week I noticed that my hunger was suppressed, no more crazy craving. I also noticed a boost in energy for the day and there was no side effects of crashing with it. I lost 1.5 lbs in 5 days, I know it has to be from using this because I didn’t change anything else in my life.

I’ve heard with can also help with my chronic pain, I didn’t notice any difference but maybe if I was using it longer I’d see better results in that area.

I loved drinking this every morning with my breakfast. I looked forward to the energy and also better sleep. The only downside for me was the price, a 75 day serving is over $350! With our tight income it won’t be possible to continue, even though I really like it. So I would recommend this, but know it’s pricey.

Here is a bit of info about the Keto//OS and it’s benefits (copied from the site)-
“Keto//OS was developed through research at the University of South Florida funded by the Department of Defense. It contains a therapeutic level of Betahydroxybutyrate (BHB), the active ketone that our bodies make naturally in a caloric or carb deprivative state. This switches your body’s fuel source from utilizing glucose (sugar) to fats within about 30 minutes of taking the product. Not only do you start burning fat but, you receive a host of other benefits that are independently and scientifically verified like increased cognitive performance, increased energy and focus, increased insulin sensitivity, better digestion and gut health, appetite suppression, decreased inflammation and joint pain, better sleep and clearer skin. Keto//OS comes in a caffeine (“Charged”) version and a caffeine free version.”

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