Ascensia Diabetes Next Level Training Camp event with NHL player Max Domi

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Today Maggie and our family got to attend the Ascensia Diabetes Next Level Training Camp event with NHL player Max Domi, in partnership with Contour Next. The event was held in Toronto at the Evergreen Brickworks, Koerner Gardens.

Today Maggie and our family got to attend the CONTOUR®NEXT Next Level Training Camp with NHL player Max Domi at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto.

Maggie was so excited to attend after I told her she’d have the chance to meet a real NHL player that has type 1 diabetes like her and uses the same CONTOUR® NEXT glucose meter too. The event was to help kick off a new web platform The website will help those living with diabetes find great resources to better manage their health.


contour-next5This event had many booths so attendees could learn more about CONTOUR® NEXT, as well as health professionals onsite available to talk about the disease. Maggie enjoyed doing a warm up routine with Max Domi (NHL player of the Arizona Coyotes). She also took the time to practice her stick skills with some ball hockey. People in attendance could also do a fun work out with MMA fighter, Dessi Zaharieva, who is also diabetic. It was hot day and Maggie’s BG spiked over 25 mmol’s so we had to cut our visit short. However, Max Domi was so kind he came over to visit before we left. The poor girl started to cry, so our photo wasn’t the best, but later when she was feeling better she looked at her autographed notebook and was so excited. (A side note, Max was very sweet and patient with Maggie. He tried to cheer her up and get her to smile. That was something I noticed with how he interacted with all the kids. He made each one feel very special. Thank you so much for being so amazing.)


This event was truly great. Max Domi talked about growing up with diabetes, being diagnosed at age 12 and becoming a professional athlete. His talk was very inspiring. Here’s a bit of what he said “The first question I asked my doctor was if I could still play hockey… I thought to myself, you could feel sorry for yourself and you could hang your lip a little bit, but at the end of the day it’s up to you. And if you want something you’re going to achieve it not matter what… My whole purpose in being here with you guys is to show you that whether you want to be a firefighter, a ballerina, a basketball player, a hockey player, baseball player, whatever you want to be you can accomplish that and nothing is going to get in your way.”

I saw Maggie’s eyes light up when he said ballerina. Dance is Maggie’s everything; she dances 6 hours a week. Last year was her first year being in competitive dance and she did not let diabetes get in the way. Diabetes didn’t make it easy, but she pushed through some low BGs just before going on stage. She battled a sickness that landed her in the hospital less than 10 hours after competing. She would come off the stage and say “I felt low when I was dancing but I kept smiling. Can I have a juice now?” I hope meeting Max Domi will help inspire her to continue to follow her dreams.

There is a fundraising initiative going on right now. For every share of the Max Domi video on CONTOUR® NEXT will donate $1.00 towards diabetes research and advocacy.

Maggie also wanted me to say that she really loves the two swag bags she got. It came with sunglasses, a glasses cleaning cloth, a card holder that attaches to a phone, a medical ID tag for her diabetes bag, an insulated travel bag and reading material for parents.

Thank you so much for the awesome day. And thank you Max Domi for all the kindness when Maggie was not feeling well.

Be on the lookout for more posts coming from me about CONTOUR® NEXT. We love this meter and can’t wait to share more about it.

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