Build and Imagine new add on sets, perfect for the holidays- review

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Build and Imagine Play Sets
disclaimer- I received free product in exchange for my honest thoughts. I was not required to post a positive review.
My Thoughts-
Last year my kids helped me review Build and Imagine Malia’s House. My kids love building this house different ways each time. Build and Imagine sent me 3 sets that can be added to Malia’s House and other sets.

Build and Imagine Slumber PartyMy kids love setting up the Glow in the Dark Slumber Party Expansion Pack and then turning off the lights. Certain parts of the set glow in the dark to make the image pop. It’s a small pack that works perfectly with Malia and her friends.


build_and_imagine_drawbuildMy girls love to draw and the Draw & Build Dollhouse works great with their imagination. The set comes with wipeable markers and a cleaning cloth. What’s great about this set is they can create many different houses or add ons to their bigger house. They once made it into a cottage for the glow in the dark set.

build_and_imagine_careersThe last set my kids reviewed was the Career Dolls. This set comes with two more girls and many outfits and accessories. You child can make their doll be a superhero, doctor, vet, rockstar, construction worker and so much more. What I love about this set is it comes with a background for my kids to place their dolls in front of as well as the packaging is reusable to store all the pieces. I also love that there are so many careers they can pick from and they’re not all the stereotypes of what a girl “should” do. They even have a girl president to dress their doll us as.

We love our add on kids. So much fun and imagination going on. Below is a review video done by my girls.

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