Periwinkle’s Journey book & pendant giveaway

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Periwinkle’s Journey book & pendant giveaway


“This winter, Suzy Spafford, creator and illustrator of the beloved Suzy’s Zoo, joins forces with author Judy Petersen-Fleming, expanding her menagerie to include penguins in Periwinkle’s Journey (Blue Sneaker Press; $16.99; ISBN: 978-1-943198-03-0; Ages 4-8; 48 pages).

About the Book: Periwinkle has lived her whole life in Australia, surrounded by other blue penguins just like her. However, when she gets an invitation to her cousin Crystal’s birthday party in Antarctica, she realizes she looks different than the rest of her black-and-white cousins. With some encouragement from her mother, who tells her “it’s what’s inside that matters”, Periwinkle sets out on an adventure to Antarctica to meet the rest of her family and learns to appreciate what makes her unique along the way.

Children will want to cuddle up with the adorable animals depicted in Spafford’s full-color illustrations, from penguins to koalas to albatrosses to whales, as they read this entertaining and educational tale. Young readers will learn about the 17 types of penguins, illustrated by Periwinkle’s numerous cousins, as well as discover fun facts such as their inability to fly, penchant for rock collecting, and variety of habitats from Australia to Antarctica to the Galápagos (but not the North Pole, where the polar bears live!). Periwinkle makes many new friends on her journey to the South Pole, and along the way discovers the depths of her own bravery as well as the important truth that what makes us different also makes us special.

About the Author: Judy Petersen-Fleming is an author and social entrepreneur who has shared the wonderment of exotic animals with people around the world for more than 30 years. While Judy has worked with a vast array of fascinating animals over the years, she has a particular fondness for penguins. Over time, she has become aware of the many misconceptions that exist about these comical birds, and it is her passion for educating kids that led to her commitment to develop Suzy’s World with Suzy Spafford. Judy and her husband, Bill, live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

About the Illustrator: Suzy Spafford is the creator and illustrator of Suzy’s Zoo. Her artwork first appeared as greeting cards in 1968, and over the years, her characters have appeared on a wide variety of products in over 23 countries. In addition to her work with Suzy’s World, Suzy is working on a new animated television series, Adventures in Duckport, featuring the central characters from Suzy’s Zoo. Suzy and her husband, Ray Lidstrom, have four adult children and four grandchildren between them. Suzy and Ray live in an old arts-and-crafts house in San Diego, California, where Suzy continues to illustrate her whimsical characters.”

The pendant is designed by Scott and Marla Berger at Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry, LLC, and The Tree of Life Foundation, who recently launched a special jewelry collection in collaboration with StarShine Academy to benefit Pope Francis’ A Chance In Life charity, supporting its mission of giving refugee children opportunities of education to help them become self-confident, creative and responsible leaders in their communities.

Being very involved in philanthropic causes, in 2012, Scott and Marla created The Tree of Life Foundation. The Tree of Life Jewelry Collection offers charities a way to share their story, raise funds, and bring together like minded people. Each piece has the unifying symbol of the tree of life connecting us all and is uniquely designed to bring out and share the beauty in each person. This is the purpose of the foundation to connect all of the people in our world as one—and finally growing together as the stars above. Changing the world one tree at a time… We become one.

Most recently Scott and Marla are the recipients of the Spectrum Award, Sowie Award, and the Community Giving Heart Award by JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).


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