3 tips on how to trim your beard (Guest Post)

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Every beard bearing man must learn to trim his beard. But many do not learn the proper process to do so. Follow these tips to help you choose best beard trimmer!

Patience is Key

Be patient. A truly great beard is due to keeping the urge to trim or style at bay. Leave the beard unaltered for a 1 ½ and a half month period. Your hair will grow in evenly, some faster than others and help you style it as you wish.

Choose a Style

Just make sure to choose a style that works with your face shape. This will improve your overall appearance. Trim your beard hair appropriately. Pruning is required to have a great beard. Have a quality trimmer to style it properly – grow it long, keep it shorter etc.

Wash Your Beard

Wash your beard regularly. But keep in mind washing can worsen itchiness. Wash your beard throughout the week with a specialized cleaner and they dry it lightly.  You can give in to the itchiness! The itch will go away just keeping pushing through the temptation.

Beard oils to make them softer and shinier.

Regularly trim your beard. Use a comb or beard brush to keep beard hairs tame. You will train the hair to grow downward.

Make sure to tame your mustache

You have to have a great mustache in order to have a great beard. Keep your mustache neat and trimmed and keep it naturally sculpted. This will increase the quality of your overall appearance.

One More Tip From Experts!

According a New York Times article on beard maintenance:

In terms of finding the right shape or length of beard to suit your face and aesthetics, Mr. Gilman of the Grooming Lounge said he favors a more natural-looking beard — not too long and not overly manicured — and warns against shaving the neckline too close to the chin.

“It can make you look fat or like you’re in a gang,” he said. Meanwhile, Chris Lospalluto, a hair stylist at Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, suggested first-time beard growers bring a photo of a beard they like to their barber or stylist if they aren’t sure what will look best.

And yet, for some men, tearing out photos from magazines and keeping a lineup of products on the bathroom shelf may defeat the purpose of growing a beard in the first place.

“If I had to go through another regimen for my beard, I don’t think I would have one,” said Daniel Langer, the chief marketing officer for Oribe Hair Care. Mr. Langer has his one-inch full beard trimmed by his hairstylist or a barber every four weeks, but otherwise does very little maintenance.

It takes some work to have a great beard. But do not give hope! Be patient, be delicate and intentional in what you want to achieve for your new beard style. You effort will not disappoint.