The top 3 benefits to using ALCAR (Guest Post)

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Pure Nootropics Acetyl L-carnitine or ALCAR, is a micronutrient L-carnitine which is shown to have a notable impact on improving brain function. Additionally, there is research to support that ALCAR also provides a level of neuroprotection. While adding supplements and vitamins to your daily routine is becoming a popular trend among those who are in the know, many in the mainstream population are just learning about the product and how they can benefit from it. There are many groundbreaking studies that have been completed that point to this product as being beneficial to humans as well as safe to consume. This article will identify 3 benefits to adding ALCAR to your supplement regimen.

    1. Learning ability. A variety of studies have been completed by top medical students and physicians in the country to prove that ALCAR improves one’s learning ability, alertness, and cognitive functions. In addition, the supplement is noted to lessen cognitive decline over time allowing you to be sharp and maintain knowledge longer than humans who do not take ALCAR. Another notable benefit to taking this supplement is that some have seen a decrease in symptoms related to ADHD. This is great news for college students in particular, who suffer from ADHD and have a hard time concentrating in the classroom. Perhaps trying ALCAR can help a student academically excel.
    2. Decrease in age related mental fatigue. There are also studies that point to the decrease in mental fatigue due to age. If you have ever heard of an elderly person complain because they are unable to remember your name, this is the type of mental fatigue that could be improved by taking a supplement as a preventative method. Not only can your memory and cognitive abilities see improvement, but some have also reported experiencing an improvement in physical ability as well.
    3. Age related memory loss is reduced.  If your family is prone to Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other memory-reducing illnesses, taking ALCAR as a preventative measure is an effort that is worth trying. While studies are ongoing, there has been research conducted that indicate great success in patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, the Alzheimer patients who participated in studies and also consumed ALCAR consistently,  made notable improvements over time. Improvements were noticeable and were able to decrease the speed in which a patient lost his/her memory. As this is promising as many suffer from the disease, additional research is bound to continue to occur. This research is important as it will provide more information about decreasing memory loss and potentially even contribute to finding a cure.



Acetyl L-Carnitine is safe to use and is recommended by top media outlets such as but not limited to Fox News and Huffington Post. It is important to note that while studies are continuing to take place, there have been no reports of toxic effects from high doses of the product. It is recommended that 500-2,000mg should be taken in a 24 hour period.