3 Steps to finding a good sport podiatrist (Guest Post)

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Athletes are prone to injuries so healthcare is of the utmost importance for them. One of the body parts that needs special attention is, of course, the feet. Whether it is to treat chronic pain or preventing it, there is always a need for a good sports podiatrist.

If you have not yet thought about getting a podiatrist, then you should do so soon. There are many factors to consider while looking for one. Not all podiatrists are equal, so you need to know what your needs are and the qualities of a good podiatrist that you should look for. Here are some steps to take in looking for a good sports podiatrist.

  1. Ask your athlete friends for recommendations – if it is your first time to look for a podiatrist, you can go ahead and ask you friends who are sports enthusiast if they have ever needed one. Chances are, they have, and from there you can ask who they went to. Your friends will be able to give you first-hand experience with their doctors. If they are satisfied with the care they received, it would not hurt to go for a consultation.
  2. Look for someone with enough experience – make sure that your prospective podiatrist is board-certified, and has more than enough experience under his/her belt. If you have an underlying condition, such as diabetes, for example, there are doctors who specialize in those so do your research to make sure that you are getting the right doctor. It would also be great to find a doctor that you can talk too comfortably. Find someone who is compassionate and caring towards your condition.
  3. Look for someone with the right equipment and facilities to diagnose and treat you properly – find a podiatrist whose office is fully-equipped with the proper tools to diagnose your injury or condition. If you have a chronic injury, make sure that they analyze your gait. Check too if they keep up with the latest technology especially when it comes to treatments.

The good thing nowadays is that the Internet can be of great help to you in your search for a good sport podiatrist. Try to see if your prospective doctor has a website. There are even databases of doctors where you can see if they have reviews regarding their services and treatment.

If you are looking for a sport podiatrist near Melbourne, then check out this website. Their doctors are members of Sports Medicine Australia so you can be sure that they are skilled practitioners. They make it a point to explain to the patient in layman’s terms whatever their condition and treatment is so that you can have a better understanding of what is being done to your feet.

They also boast of having the latest technology such as gait analysis, shockwave therapy and more.  They have several clinics in the area so just check their location so you can see which clinic is most convenient for you.

If you are an athlete, you know that your feet are one of your most important assets. Don’t just wait for an injury to happen, learn to prevent it by going to a sport podiatrist today.